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Honda teases the 2021 CB1000R with a short video

Catch a glimpse of its shadowy silhouette.

Honda CB1000R

Honda’s Neo-Sports Cafe lineup was introduced to the market three years ago with the CB1000R. Powered by a tried and tested 998cc inline-four engine from the previous generation Honda CBR1000R Fireblade, it easily stands out with its more modern take on cafe racer styling. With more stringent emissions standards now looming, it would only make sense for the Japanese brand to give CB1000R a much-needed update. That said, Honda has just released a teaser video of the upcoming 2021 CB1000R that would seem to be getting more than just a Euro 5 compliant engine. Looks like a few tweaks on the bike’s looks are also forthcoming. 

While the short video does give you a glimpse of the new CB1000R, most of the images are still shrouded in shadow, we can still make out a few details of the short clip. Early in the video, the bike’s front end sees some subtle design changes for 2021. Its headlight remains the same save for the shorter Honda branding that splits the assembly’s upper and lower sections. It still retains its signature horseshoe-shaped LED strip that illuminates the circumference of the headlight. Its bezel is now slightly slanted and there’s also a short flyscreen which is sort of a shield added above it, therefore filling that void of space between the instrument panel and headlight. 

Honda CB1000R

As for the rest of the bike, just like the new CB650R that they launched earlier this month, it seems that its side panels have also been redesigned with smaller plates for a cleaner look. Meanwhile, the bike also seems to have a more sculpted saddle and redesigned the Y-shaped spoke of the wheels to make it appear to have more spokes than its predecessors for a more classic touch. Its fork covers have also been blacked out instead of using a contrasting silver color from the previous year’s model. 

The layout of the engine seems to remain unchanged, but we can place our bets on Honda reworking its internal components to make it Euro 5 compliant. Of course, all of these changes are still speculations based on the short video that has been shrouded in darkness. The good news is, we already know that the bike will be finally unveiled on November 10, 2020. Thankfully, we wouldn’t have to wait that long. We’ll be sure to keep our eyes peeled and ears open for any more updates on the 2021 Honda CB1000R. 

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