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Honda Europe updates the CB1000R and the Rebel 500 with new colors and accessories

Cosmetic enhancements keep the two neo-retro offerings looking fresh.

Honda CB1000R Black Edition Europe

The European market loves their big bikes, and Honda’s one of the premier providers of two-wheeled machines in the region. To keep things fresh for the 2023 model year, Big H is fielding a few minor updates for the Honda CB1000R and the Honda Rebel 500 just to keep things a little interesting for the two neo-retro models in the lineup. 

As of now, these two models will get some minor cosmetic enhancements for the European market. 

2023 Honda Rebel 500

In the beginner-friendly corner, we have the Honda Rebel 500. The new year model refresh will receive a new lineup of colors which include Mat Gunpowder Black Metallic, Pearl Smoky Gray, and Candy Diesel Red. Black is black.

2023 Honda Rebel S

The Rebel refresh will also include a new Rebel S variant, which will include a few choice accessories to spruce up the bare-bones small-capacity cruiser. The special edition will get a headlight cowl, all-black fork gaiters, and a diamond-stitched saddle, and it will be painted in a sleek Titanium Metallic colorway. 

2023 Honda CB1000R Red

On the other end of the spectrum, we have Honda’s flagship naked offering, the CB1000R. The flagship Neo Sports Cafe naked bike gets quite a few enhancements that keep it competitive with the rest of the liter-class bikes. The model gets a full-color TFT display which is equipped with Honda’s Smartphone Voice Control and owners can enjoy a USB charging socket under the seat. We still get all the goodies with this bike like a high-end riding tech package which includes advanced traction control and ABS among other things. You also get high-end componentry in the form of the Showa Big Piston front fork, radially-mounted four-piston brake calipers, and of course that gorgeous single-sided swingarm. 

2023 Honda CB1000R Black Edition

We’re also seeing a special Black Edition for the CB1000R, and spoiler alert, it’s black. The liter-class naked bike gets a stealthy look, with blacked-out trimmings, but with a little silver sprinkled here and there to add some pop to the otherwise all-black machine. On top of that, Honda also fitted an all-black fly screen, seat cowl, and even a quick shifter. As for the colors, the CB1000R will sport the new Bordeaux Red Metallic colorway, while the Black Edition flaunts a sleek Mat Jeans Blue Metallic hue. 

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