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Honda releases a teaser of its Forza maxiscooter

Expect its official unveiling on October.

Honda Forza Teaser

Honda has been working on adding another maxiscooter offering to its lineup of motorcycles that could be carrying the same powerplant of its off-road capable X-ADV. Big Red has just released a teaser video this month showing off some close-up shots of what appears to be the engine casings and some elements of the scooter’s frame. The 15-second video released by Honda, later on, flashes a text that reads, “Forza - The Forza family is getting bigger.”

Currently, the Honda Forza 350 is already being sold in Thailand with much success. With the latest teaser released by Honda, the brand’s message alludes to either adding a bigger and more powerful scooter or perhaps even more small capacity bikes could be added to the range carrying the same name. In any case, the big reveal is coming on October 14, 2020. 

Honda Forza Teaser

However, more people are placing their bets on a new large capacity machine coming from Honda in the near future. After looking at all the clues throughout the short video, the engine casings appear to be strikingly similar to those found on the engine casings of its NC750 engine seen in the X-ADV. Honda has a knack for blurring the lines between motorcycles and scooters resulting in extraordinary machines with a mix of genres. That’s exactly how the highly capable X-ADV off-road scooter came about into its range of offerings. 

Honda Forza 350

Thus, we can expect the new machine to have the same modern, sporty styling with a more premium feel on its fit and finish seen from the Forza range. Assuming that it does carry the same NC750 engine lifted from the X-ADV that may come equipped with a dual-clutch transmission. We’re more than excited to see how Honda’s latest maxiscooter offering will come out with the same commanding presence, aggressive details, and sporty lines the likes of which we haven’t seen since 2001 when the Silverwing was first introduced by Big Red.

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