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HJC’s flagship RPHA 1 helmet is officially in the Philippines

See it for yourself in the upcoming Makina Moto Show from July 29 to 31, 2022.


The RPHA 1, HJC's flagship, FIM-homologated supersport helmet, will officially be launched in the Philippines very soon. HJC is a brand that is well-known across the world for its top-notch helmets. The RPHA 1 is the new flagship helmet available from the Korean manufacturer, and sits one notch above the RPHA 11, thanks to its certification by the International Motorcycle Federation (FIM), which sets the highest safety standards for helmets.

In 2019, the FIM introduced its own helmet homologation standard. The FIM emphasizes priority on the lid's capacity to protect a rider from a head impact at high speeds and at oblique angles, unlike other ECE or DOT classifications. So, the RPHA 1 joins other premium brands like Shoei, Arai, and AGV, to mention a few, as the first FIM-certified helmet from HJC. Cost is, unsurprisingly, a barrier to obtaining such a high degree of certification. The majority of FIM-homologated helmets typically cost above P50,000. Having said that, top-notch equipment is unquestionably worthwhile to get when it comes to safety.

Therefore, it should not be surprising that HJC used the best materials to create a product of this grade. HJC's Premium Integrated Matrix Plus, or PIM+, is used to make the RPHA 1's outer shell. The helmet's shell is made of a combination of fiberglass, carbon fiber, and other composite materials, which makes it incredibly light, provides amazing deflection when struck at specific angles, and absorbs and diffuses impact forces.


In the local market, HJC helmets are distributed by none other than Triumph JT Manila, with the RPHA 1 already in the local market, and set to be officially launched in the upcoming Makina Moto Show to be held in the SMX Convention Center from July 29 to 31, 2022. So far, the colors to be made available include the black and white colorways in the Mono range, as well as the race-replica Red Bull livery—perfect for you racing aficionados. 

As for price, expect the RPHA 1 to come at a premium, ranging from around P39,000 to P50,000 depending on the finish. The helmets come packaged with a visor tear-off, a special carrying bag designed specifically for the RPHA 1, as well as a fancy clear spoiler that gives the helmet a thoroughly race-inspired look. 

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