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Alpinestars presents the new race-ready Supertech R10 helmet

The Italian brand seeks to set a new standard when it comes to race-oriented helmets.

Alpinestars presents the new race-ready Supertech R10 helmet

Alpinestars, a globally recognized and highly regarded company in the motorcycle gear and equipment industry, is renowned for catering to various motorcycling disciplines. Their products are widely used on streets, off-road terrains, and even in top-tier racing events. However, it's worth noting that Alpinestars hasn't traditionally focused on manufacturing sportbike helmets – until recently.

Alpinestars has recently introduced its latest product, the Supertech R10, which represents a groundbreaking advancement in race helmet technology. This state-of-the-art sport helmet has been meticulously crafted to meet the rigorous demands of professional MotoGP racers and will be produced in limited quantities for the general public. Constructed using a multi-layer composite epoxy resin, the helmet achieves an optimal combination of lightweight design and exceptional durability. Furthermore, it incorporates internal components that prioritize both comfort and safety, ensuring a superior user experience.

The Supertech R10 by Alpinestars has undergone rigorous wind tunnel testing, resulting in a shell design that prioritizes stability during high-speed riding. Alpinestars proudly claims that it effectively reduces drag by 4.54 percent while maintaining an exceptional field of vision. With an impressive range of visibility, riders can enjoy 220 degrees of lateral vision and 57 degrees of vertical vision. Additionally, the visor of the helmet is compatible with the Pinlock 120XLT system, allowing for convenient installation of Max Vision lenses and tear-off films to enhance visibility even further.

The Supertech R10 from Alpinestars incorporates an Optical Class 1 face shield that boasts a metal lock mechanism, ensuring the visor remains securely in place during a crash. Despite this safety feature, the helmet retains a tool-less quick-release system, enabling riders to swiftly change visors as needed. The interior of the helmet features a multi-density EPS liner, specifically designed to optimize impact absorption. Alpinestars' patented A-Head system allows for precise adjustment of the fit, including the height and angle of the EPS liner. As a result of these advanced components and technologies, the newest helmet from Alpinestars complies with ECE 22.06 safety standards. Only a limited production run of 200 helmets will be available, making them extremely exclusive.

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