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Nomad and MT Helmets release new retro models in the Philippines

No retro tax is included in the price. Value-oriented options are now available from MT Helmets and Spyder Philippines’ new brand, Nomad.

Nomad and MT Helmets Launch Philippines

Retro helmets can be, on average, more expensive than your traditional full-face, and for good reason. Style is worth something to those who are willing to pay for it, and it’s no different in the world of motorcycling. Lifestyle plays a big part in the helmets we choose, as well as the type of bike that we frequent. Whether it’s a sleek cafe racer or a retro scooter like a Vespa, the choice of lid often comes into question when buying to match a particular model. 

Nomad and MT Helmets Philippines

To answer the current trend, and to meet the demand of the image-conscious retro riders out there, Spyder helmets have a new home-grown brand and a new offering from their internationally-recognized marque from Spain, MT Helmets. 

Nomad Rafa Helmet

Nomad is the new brand under Spyder Philippines, and it’s their retro line of helmets. All of them are DOT, ECE 22.05, and ICC certified, and they meet a good amount of safety standards that riders around the country can come to trust. The brand states that it uses premium materials in its helmets, but it doesn’t forget to be affordable and competitively priced in the Philippine market. Nomad shares these traits with its parent brand, offering riders modern protection in a more classic style. 

Nomad Rafa Helmet

All helmets under the Nomad line are made out of an ABS shell, lined with plush interior pads that are removable and lightweight. Two models were launched along with the brand in the country, namely the Spitfire. Taking inspiration from retro dual-sport helmets, the Nomad works best with a pair of goggles, but a clear visor is thrown in for free in case you want to switch things up. The other model, Rafa, is an open-face helmet that is sure to match any scooter or small bike with a retro twist. 

Nomad Spitfire Helmet

As for the price of the Nomad helmets, the open-face Rafa starts at just P2,795 while the Spitfire starts at just P3,795 for the solids and P3,995 if you want some retro graphics. 

Nomad Spitfire Helmet

Meanwhile, MT Helmets debuted its new retro lid as well. Named the Jarama it’s construction and safety features are notable for the price that it commands. MT Helmets is an internationally-recognized brand whose portfolio includes up-to-date safety standards in the lineup, including the elusive FIM homologation. MT Helmets is one of the safest brands out there with the ratings in tow, and the Jarama is up to date with the latest standard to come out of Europe, ECE 22.06. 

MT Helmets Jarama

Made out of a High Impact Resistant Polymer (HIRP) shell, the Jarama features a solid construction. Paired with plush pads, ample ventilation, and a multi-density EPS liner, the lid stands out as one of the safer retro helmets out there, currently. 

MT Helmets Jarama

It’s available in two graphic options and two solid color options, black and white. Priced at just P6,200 for the solids and P6,500 for the graphic options, it’s one heck of a bargain, and something that new and experienced riders may want to look at if they’re on the hunt for their next helmet. 

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