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Harley-Davidson trademarks the Nightster 440 in India

The upcoming Harley Nightster 440 is expected to be a sportier version of the recently launched X440.

Harley-Davidson trademarks the Nightster 440 in India

Harley-Davidson has recently introduced its latest motorcycle, the X440, in India through a collaboration with Hero MotoCorp, an Indian manufacturer. The X440 stands out in Harley's current lineup as it is the smallest bike and the only one with a single-cylinder engine. This new model was designed with the intention of expanding the brand's presence in the Asian market, and in this context, it can be considered a significant addition to the region.

Considering the trend in the industry, it is likely that the X440 won't be the last of its kind, as many other popular models from various manufacturers share the same platform. As is typical with new releases, the X440 features a neutral design, positioned between a cruiser and a naked bike, offering upright ergonomics with a tall handlebar and mid-set foot controls. The launch of the X440 has sparked speculation about Harley-Davidson's plans for future small-displacement motorcycles.

Harley-Davidson trademarks the Nightster 440 in India

For those familiar with Harley-Davidson's current offerings, the Nightster name may ring a bell. It is the newest model in the Sport lineup, sitting below the Sportster series. The Nightster is a more approachable and lightweight motorcycle equipped with a 975cc, liquid-cooled V-twin engine. Harley seems to have focused on making it more accessible and smoother, rather than emphasizing raw power. Interestingly, Harley-Davidson has recently secured a patent for the name "Nightster 440" in India, hinting at the possibility of a second iteration of this model.

Indian motorcycle publications speculate that the upcoming Nightster 440 could be a sportier version of the X440. It is expected to feature lower handlebars, offering a more aggressive riding stance. Additionally, there may be adjustments to the frame and suspension to enhance the bike's performance on winding roads. All in all, Harley-Davidson's latest releases in the Indian market are generating considerable interest and anticipation among motorcycle enthusiasts.

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