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Harley-Davidson and Kymco partner up, LiveWire to go public

The company will be listed as LVW on the New York Stock Exchange.

Harley Davidson Live Wire

Harley-Davidson made the LiveWire brand a few years back, and now the American chopper brand is taking its electric division to another level, so to speak. LiveWire is going public on the stock market in a bid to set a pro forma enterprise value at around $1.77 billion USD. 

The company is looking to achieve this by merging with a SPAC, which would allow it to sidestep the process of getting an IPO. The company will be known on the New York Stock Exchange as ‘LVW.’

Kymco is a brand that is known for its expressway-legal scooters in the Philippines, as well as a bevy of other fashionable retro models like the Like series. Based in Taiwan, the company is apparently a part of this LiveWire deal. 

LiveWire and Kymco will be strategic partners moving forward. The Taiwanese motorcycle brand will be in charge of distributing and manufacturing LiveWire models. It is not certain whether Kymco will also have a hand in developing models with the LiveWire brand, however. 

The paring seems perfect as LiveWire aims to “focus on the urban market and beyond,” which is likely a nod to Kymco’s strengths in fielding small-displacement and highway-legal scooters and motorcycles. 

Harley’s EV division appears to be winding up for the electric revolution. Some markets are already spearheading the charge to transition fully into electric vehicles in the next 10 to 15 years, and that could mean good on the investor’s side, instilling confidence in the brand. On top of that, Kymco could be a valuable asset for LiveWire and instill more confidence in Harley-Davidson’s spin-off brand. Kymco themselves have already been dabbling in the field of EVs, and we may also expect new all-electric models from the company soon enough, it’s just a matter of when, and if the Philippines will be able to join in on the electric fun. 

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