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Harley-Davidson unveils limited Fast Johnnie Editions as part of its Enthusiast Collection

The Low Rider ST, Street Glide ST, and Road Glide ST all get the Fast Johnnie treatment, and are adorned in an eye-catching Celestial Blue colorway.

Harley-Davidson Fast Johnnie Collection

Harley-Davidson is honoring the spirit of muscle car culture and its rich racing legacy by unveiling Fast Johnnie, a new addition to their exclusive Enthusiast Motorcycle Collection. Fast Johnnie represents a limited edition series of bikes that come with unique factory-custom paint and graphic designs. These special motorcycles, including the Low Rider ST, Street Glide ST, and Road Glide ST models, are all adorned with a striking Celestial Blue color accompanied by white racing stripes. To maintain their exclusivity, Harley-Davidson will produce no more than 2,000 units of each model globally.

“We are thrilled to introduce new model additions to our limited-edition Enthusiast Motorcycle Collection, which have been created with our motorcycling community in mind. Our riders in The Philippines can be assured of a smooth and comfortable ride as they pursue their passion for adventure and the open road”
Harley-Davidson Fast Johnnie Collection

Starting July 8, 2023, customers in The Philippines will have the opportunity to explore and purchase these exceptional motorcycles at any authorized Harley-Davidson dealership. The Enthusiast Motorcycle Collection models are a tribute to the passionate Harley-Davidson riders and are influenced by their remarkable stories and legacies. The Fast Johnnie, a distinguished member of this collection, will be offered in three distinct 2023 Harley Davidson models. The prices for these exclusive bikes will begin at PHP1,760,000.

Harley-Davidson Fast Johnnie Collection

Let's begin with the Low Rider ST Fast Johnnie Enthusiast Motorcycle Collection. The Low Rider ST model from Harley-Davidson is a sport-touring motorcycle with an American V-Twin engine. It is designed for riders who appreciate the sleek and minimalist West Coast style while desiring the exceptional performance provided by the Milwaukee-Eight 117 V-Twin powertrain. The mechanical features of this bike remain unchanged from the standard 2023 Low Rider ST model.

Moving on to the Street Glide ST model, it combines the potent Milwaukee-Eight 117 powertrain with robust West Coast styling elements and fresh dark-and-bronze finishes. This model retains the same mechanical features as the standard 2023 Street Glide ST model. Lastly, we have the Road Glide ST model, which exudes a sleek and menacing appearance while offering the exhilarating performance of the Milwaukee-Eight 117 powertrain. This bike maintains the same mechanical features as the standard 2023 Road Glide ST model.

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