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Gulf Oil launches their new premium scooter oil

Gulf Pride Scooter Plus will be available at just P215 per bottle.

Gulf Pride Scooter Plus

On November 21, 2020, Gulf Oil launched its brand new scooter oil, the Gulf Pride Scooter Plus at a friendly price of just P215 for an 800ml bottle. The official launch on Gulf Oil’s Facebook page officially kicked off this product as a go-to engine oil for all types of scooters, whether modern or vintage.

The Gulf Pride Scooter Plus features a pop-up cap with a built-in nozzle for effortless oil changes and boasts a premium oil formula which contains superior anti-wear additives, blended with a premium synthetic base oil, and advanced detergent boosters for cleaning. All of these features provide the scooter rider with improvements to engine wear prevention over time and power delivery for instant power pick-up. Gulf Pride Scooter Plus also boasts improved tolerances to high engine temperatures, making this a perfect oil for high heat environments and stop-and-go traffic.

Gulf Scooter

In contrast to motorcycle engines, scooter engines and transmissions do not share the same lubrication system. Because scooters have separate oil systems for the engine and the transmission, scooter oil does not need any high friction additives to aid in manual transmission clutch actuation. Scooter oil can be specially designed to provide optimal lubrication, wear prevention, and power improvements without having to worry about lubricating a clutch. This is why the Gulf Pride Scooter Plus oil presents a strong case for scooter owners and their beloved two-wheeled machines.

Gulf Oil plans to expand its distribution through the setup and operation of 300+ dedicated Gulf Bike Stops, and a distribution network of over 5,000 motorcycle shops nationwide by end of this year. For now, enthusiastic owners can obtain Gulf Oil’s new lubricant from the Philippine distributor, Harcore Brothers Technologies Inc., which is also the local distributor of Royal Enfield motorcycles with main branches in Makati City and Cebu City.

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