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Benelli Motorcycles could release an 800 cc Adventure bike

Benelli is stepping up their larger displacement game with the introduction of the TRK 800.

Benelli TRK 800

Benelli motorcycles have been hinting on releasing a new middleweight adventure bike with an 800 cc powertrain in its TRK series for quite some time now. At the moment, the TRK adventure bike is being offered with a 500 cc engine. As early as January, at a press conference held in China, Benelli already revealed its plans for 2020 which included a new TRK 800 adventure model. 

QJ Motor, Benelli’s parent company, has recently released a new adventure bike called the SRB 750, its second model alongside the Chase 600, which is a derivative of Benelli’s TNT 600i. Evidently, the two companies have a lot in common as they both share in platforms as well in the motorcycle models that they release. People are now speculating that Benelli’s plan to release a new middleweight adventure bike would be based on the same platform as the SRB 750. However, Benelli was quick to deny this emphasizing that the new project will be developed entirely in Italy. In an official statement, they said, "As already mentioned on several occasions, Benelli is working on the project of a new TRK based on the 750cc engine… This is an important project, which Benelli is developing entirely in Italy, but which has nothing to do with the new SRB 750 just presented,".

Thus, we can expect the new middleweight adventure TRK 800 to have a water-cooled parallel-twin engine capable of producing around 80 hp and 75 Nm of torque mated to a 6-speed transmission. 

Benelli TRK 502

Benelli’s foray into larger displacement motorcycles should come as no surprise as the 752s and Leoncino are now being offered abroad. Benelli is still fairly new to the local market, with their offerings still limited to smaller displacements in the 500 cc range like the Leoncino. If the Philippine market responds well to the brand, there’s no doubt that it wouldn’t be long before we start seeing the larger displacement versions of their offerings, including the TRK 800.  

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