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Aprilia unveils its new RSV4 RR and Tuono RR Misano edition

Both motorcycles now come with a new livery and new lighter parts that will make you want to go faster.

Aprilia Tuono RR Misano Edition

Aprilia has just released a new special edition of its RSV4 RR superbike and its Tuono RR supernaked dubbed the Misano editions. The new Misano edition of both motorcycles were unveiled at the first Aprilia Racer’s day for 2020 which was held at the Buttonwillow Raceway, an invite-only track day series that travels all around the USA. The unveiling was broadcasted live on Aprilia’s Facebook page for all to enjoy. As the brand’s Racer’s day 2020 tour continues to travel all around the US the Misano bikes will also be available for viewing at each of the events.

Aprilia RSV4 RR Misano Edition

The Misano edition RSV4 and Tuono feature a special commemorative livery that celebrates Aprilia’s road racing victory. The new livery is inspired by the brand’s legendary rider Loris Reggiani who brought them a win in San Marina in 1987 at the Circuito Internazionale Santa Monica, now known as the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli. The special livery features the prominent capital “A” logo that Aprilia used on its racebikes during that time. This would later be switched to the small “a” logo that the company uses until now. Aprilia would move on to win 54 championship titles using that same logo. Both Misano bikes also include a weight-saving carbon fiber front fender and a lithium-ion battery to power up the bike that would hopefully make you want to go as fast as Loris Reggiani.

Aprilia Misano edition
Aprilia Tuono RR Misano

The RSV4 RR Misano is powered by the same 999 cc 65-degree V4 engine that’s capable of churning out 201 hp at 13,000 RPM and 115 Nm of torque at 10,500 RPM. Meanwhile, the supernaked Tuono RR Misano is powered by a 1077 cc 65-degree V4 that churns out 175 hp at 11,000 RPM and 121 Nm of torque at 9,000 RPM.

Both of the bikes were supposed to be available as early as May of 2020, however, delays caused by the global pandemic pushed it back a little further. These new Misano edition bikes will hit showroom floors in the first week of July with a limited production of only 100 units. The Misano RSV4 RR is priced at $17,999 (PhP898,756) while the Tuono RR is priced at $15,999 (PhP798,889). Unfortunately, the Aprilia Misano editions will be sold exclusively to the US market.

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