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What makes the Ducati Scrambler Icon an excellent all-rounder?

Let’s take a closer look at Ducati’s best-selling model range.

What makes the Ducati Scrambler Icon an excellent all-rounder?

The Ducati Scrambler is nothing short of a modern-day cultural icon. It propelled itself to stardom by following an extremely simple, yet effective formula. The bike has captured the hearts and minds of enthusiasts all across the globe, and here in the Philippines, in particular, the bike is a favorite among the fashion-conscious motorcyclist looking for a no-frills, retro-style machine with the upmarket aire to boot. 

As much as the Ducati Scrambler is a fashion statement and a status symbol, it’s also an honest to goodness capable all-rounder. Available in a variety of flavors, all variants of Ducati’s popular scrambler range present themselves as very versatile machines, capable of shuttling you from point A to point B in style and relative comfort, regardless of the terrain. Let’s take a closer look at this stylish model range, and pinpoint exactly why the Scrambler makes such a good all-rounder.

Approachable performance

Ducati Scrambler Icon

Let’s kick things off with one of the first things anyone in the market for a big bike is looking for: performance. The Ducati Scrambler Icon delivers an adequate amount of power in what many intermediate riders would consider the goldilocks zone. It’s equipped with an 803cc, 90-degree, V-twin equipped with Desmodromic valves and two valves per cylinder. It produces a respectable 73 horsepower and 67 Nm of torque, favoring the bottom end of the rev range. This gives the bike a very sure-footed character, inspiring confidence at low speeds. As the revs climb, the motor produces just enough grunt to put a smile on your face, but not so much to get you into trouble.

Nimble and lightweight

Ducati Scrambler Icon

Complementing its spritely and energetic motor, the Ducati Scrambler Icon boasts impressively lightweight construction, tipping the scales at just 417 pounds ready to ride. This is largely thanks to its very simple, no-frills setup that does away with any unnecessary bodywork or sophisticated electronic sensors. The result is a motorcycle that looks, feels, and handles like bikes of days gone by. Swinging a leg over the bike reveals just how narrow it feels, inspiring confidence in the dense urban environment. Its rigid chassis is surprisingly compliant when the roads get twisty, while its premium suspension provides unexpectedly sharp and precise handling.


Ducati Scrambler Icon

Underneath the Ducati Scrambler Icon’s rugged and macho styling resides a compliant and tractable motorbike that’s more than willing to be ridden on a daily basis. The Scrambler is a very comfortable machine, thanks to its upright ergonomics by way of a raised handlebar and mid controls. Thanks to this upright seating position, the Scrambler is an incredibly versatile platform that’s ready to play, no matter what game you have in mind. You can easily strap on some luggage and take it for a weekend out of town. Feeling sporty? It’ll even handle a track day with zero issues. You could even take it to work on a daily basis, and you’ll have no issues with the comfort and ease-of-use in traffic, except, maybe, for the heat emanating from the L-twin motor.

Timeless styling

Ducati Scrambler Icon

Last but not least, the Ducati Scrambler Icon employs a timeless design that’s instantly recognizable. WIth its circular headlight and slim profile complementing its classic lines, the Ducati Scrambler truly is a modern-day evocation of the golden era of motorcycling gone by. It serves as an equally attractive alternative to the sharp and angular styling of modern-day naked bikes, while offering a distinguished appeal thanks to its retro styling. The variety of color options for the Icon are sure to appeal to a broad array of riders, too. Those who favor a stealthy aesthetic can opt for the Dark variant, while those who prefer a more vibrant palette can choose the Standard. Meanwhile, those who have a strong sense of adventure can get the Journey 77, complete with light-duty touring amenities. 

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