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Why the 2021 MV Agusta Brutale 800 RR is the craziest sub-1000cc naked bike on the market

140 hp and 175 kg—it’s as brutal as the name suggests.

2021 MV Agusta Brutale 800 RR

The 2021 MV Agusta Brutale 800 RR made its debut in the Philippines just a few months back, and launched with improved features and components from the previous versions of this lovely naked sport motorcycle. While many naked sport motorcycles can be had in the sub-1000cc engine displacement range, the Brutale 800 RR is without a doubt one of the craziest and possibly most fun options you can get against the more normal and options out in the market today. The Brutale 800 RR deserves a very special place in the naked bike category for a few good reasons. If you’re looking to own one hell of a motorcycle in this engine displacement category, the 2021 MV Agusta Brutale 800 RR may just be the perfect motorcycle for you. Here’s why.


MV Agusta Brutale 800 RR

There’s a reason why MV Agusta’s tagline is “Motorcycle Art,” and it clearly shows in the way all of their motorcycles are designed. The Brutale lineup is no no exception. It is one of the most aggressively styled naked bikes in the market today and is styled in a manner that truly makes it look like a work of art. The 16.5 liter fuel tank to the menacing rear tail lamp is intricately designed thanks to the “RR” badging on the fuel tank, the pocket of empty space under the seat, and a pointy tail section that looks like it’s out to kill—all of which flowing seamlessly together. While we can go on about the superb design of the rest of the motorcycle, it is without a doubt that the most stunning part of the motorcycle is the single-sided swingarm accompanied by the aggressive triple exit exhaust. Getting a view of the motorcycle from the side, rear, or any angle for that matter will have you stopped in your place in awe of how intricately designed this motorcycle is.


MV Agusta Brutale 800 RR

Any aggressively styled motorcycle has to come with an aggressive powerplant too, and the Brutale 800 RR makes no compromise and delivers just that. The beating heart of this naked street fighter is a liquid-cooled 798cc triple-cylinder engine capable of punching out 140 hp and 87 Nm of torque through the 6-speed manual gearbox. While 140 hp may not sound like a face-melting amount of power as against the many high-performance liter bikes in the market, you’ll have to keep in mind that the Brutale 800 RR is making this much power with only three cylinders and an engine displacement of less than 800cc. It makes more power than the Yamaha MT-09’s 890cc triple, the KTM 890 Duke’s 890cc twin, and the Kawasaki ZX-6R’s 636cc inline-four. MV Agusta hit the spot with this beast of an engine, and is truly an amazing feat to achieve for such a compact size.


MV Agusta Brutale 800 RR

Apart from outright power, the MV Agusta Brutale 800 RR is also quite the performer everywhere else too. The Brutale 800 RR is equipped with a 120/70ZR-17 front tire sprung by an electronically-adjustable Marzocchi 43mm inverted front fork. The 180/55ZR-17 rear tire on the other hand is sprung by a single-sided swingarm and an electronically-adjustable Sachs monoshock system. The Brutale 800 RR also has a dry weight of just 175 kg making it one of the lightest motorcycles you can get in this category—weighing a full 10kg less than the Kawasaki Ninja 650 while making over twice the amount of power. All of this adds up to a motorcycle that isn’t just easy to ride in low-speed and tight situations, but creates an incredibly exhilarating experience on the twisties or on straight roads alike.


MV Agusta Brutale 800 RR

Apart from design, power, and performance, the Brutale 800 RR is one hell of a jam-packed motorcycle when it comes to safety and features as well. The Brutale 800 RR features a switchable front and rear ABS system, an anti-lift system for the rear wheel on heavy braking, a wheelie control system, and a ride-by-wire throttle with four riding modes including rain, normal, sport, and custom. It also is equipped with a customizable 8-level traction control system, a slipper clutch, an up and down quick shifter system, LED lighting all around, and a full-color TFT display. While all of these features may sound like a lot to manage on a motorcycle, MV Agusta has made the riding experience very easy on the rider by having all of these settings controllable through the MV Ride App which connects to your motorcycle via Bluetooth and also has the capability of recording and sharing your ride data.


MV Agusta Brutale 800 RR

Against many of the more mainstream European motorcycles often seen on the road on any given weekend, MV Agusta caters to a more niche group of riders and owners which has given the brand an if-you-know-you-know reputation here in the Philippines. Due to the niche market of the brand, owning an MV Agusta feels quite special as though you were participating in a lifestyle not voyaged by many. So much can be said about the MV Agusta Brutale 800 RR’s performance, features, design, and more—but the feeling and experience of owning one for yourself is its own kind of special. If you’re looking to elevate your experience of owning one of these hyper naked motorcycles, look no further than the MV Agusta Brutale 800 RR. It’s as crazy and as special as the name suggests.

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