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Here’s why Mutt Motorcycles is a game-changer in the lifestyle motorcycle segment

A strong contender among retro enthusiasts.

Mutt Motorcycles Showroom Clark

Mutt Motorcycles is a relatively new player in the local motorcycle scene. The British brand, however, has made a name itself in other parts of the globe as a strong, up and coming player in the highly popular custom/retro scene. It started out as a custom shop in Birmingham, situated in the West Midlands of England. The brand gained popularity and transformed itself into an OEM.

Late last year, Mutt Motorcycles debuted in the Philippine market. Its stylish models, particularly the GTSS and Akita, immediately captured the attention of the two-wheeled crowd. Just last Friday, March 5, 2022, Mutt Motorcycles Philippines inaugurated its first showroom in Clark, Pampanga. With several more showrooms in the pipeline, it’s certain that Mutt Motorcycles will gain more traction in the local motorcycle market. After all, if there’s one thing that never goes out of style, it’s retro. 

More than worthy of a second glance

Mutt Motorcycles Philippines

Whether or not you’re a retro motorcycle enthusiast, you’re bound to appreciate the timeless styling of all of Mutt’s models. Here at MotoDeal.com.ph, we pride ourselves in the fact that our team consists of a wide variety of motorcyclists. We all unanimously agree that Mutt’s bikes are more than worthy of a second glance. This, of course, has always been Mutt’s ethos—to give off the custom look and feel in a motorcycle that’s actually a production model. Having seen the bikes up close and personal, we can certainly say that there’s a charm—almost a bespoke feeling when looking at and sitting on the bike; a feeling like it was made just for you. 

Approachable for all types of riders

Mutt Motorcycles Philippines

While bikes like the Mutt Razorback and Akita look very much like burly and macho machines, they are, in fact, extremely approachable and easy to ride. It isn’t like what you’d think of a classic motorcycle that tends to be fiddly, giddy, and jittery. One push of the starter makes it clear that Mutt’s bikes are engineered to modern-day standards. The ride, too, is calm yet exciting, docile yet exhilarating in a pure, unadulterated way. 

There aren’t any fancy electronics on any of the Mutt models. ABS is all you’ll find in the 250cc versions, while the 125cc models are even more barebones. This allows you to focus on the enjoyment of riding, regardless of your skill level, giving you the opportunity to appreciate the word around you and the soulful machine in between your legs. 

The perfect conversation-starter

Mutt Motorcycles Philippines

Similar to a lot of other retro bikes out there, pulling up to a bike night or tambike aboard any of Mutt’s motorcycles is a surefire way to strike up a conversation with like-minded individuals. The motorcycle industry, especially the custom and big bike scene, is built around passion and camaraderie. Not only does Mutt Motorcycles have a truly fascinating story behind the brand and each of the models, the bikes themselves have their own stories, too. From the vintage-enduro styling of the Razorback, to the sporty retro-touring aesthetic of the GTSS, you’ll never run out of things to talk about when it comes to these bikes. 

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