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Have these documents ready when buying a used motorcycle

Make sure all these papers check out in order to avoid being hassled in the future.

Have these documents ready when buying a used motorcycle

Buying a used motorcycle can oftentimes be a fun and exciting experience. Sometimes, the bike you want just isn’t available anymore, or maybe budget constraints make buying a brand new motorcycle out of the question. Sometimes, too, a deal may just come around that’s way too hard to refuse. As such, sometimes we have no choice but to turn to the used market. 

That being said, buying a second hand motorcycle may very well be easier than buying a brand new bike. However, there are a few things to consider, especially when it comes to paper work, before buying a used bike. Be sure that all the following documents we are about to discuss check out and are complete, original, and in good condition. 

Deed of sale

The Deed of Sale, also known as DOS, is one of the most important documents that you must present when time comes for you to transfer ownership of your bike under your name. We’ve discussed in great detail why it’s best to avoid going for an open DOS, as this presents itself with dozens of potential problems, especially if the bike has been passed from owner to owner. As such, we highly recommend that you craft a new DOS which is “closed”—meaning that it has your name as the buyer, with the signature of both the seller and yourself. 

Numerous templates of a standard Deed of Sale are available on the internet. Generally speaking, the DOS contains the complete information of both the buyer and seller, as well as all the technical details of the motorcycle in question. Expect to find the bike’s details—engine number, make and model, chassis number, and many others, tabulated in this document. Make sure that all the information on the DOS is consistent with the bike’s OR and CR. 

Original OR and CR

Vehicle OR/CR

Speaking of which, the Official Receipt and Certificate of Registration, also known as the OR/CR, is definitely the most important set of documents related to any motor vehicle. You can even go as far as saying that a motorcycle’s OR/CR is like its birth certificate, complete with all the details pertaining to the machine. When buying a used motorcycle, make sure that the original copies of both the OR and CR are complete. Additionally, double check all the details on the paperwork, and cross-check them with the chassis number and engine number on the actual motorcycle. It could also be useful to secure all previous original copies of the OR, as this gets replaced every year upon renewal.  

Valid IDs

The next thing you need to ensure complete are at least two valid government-issued IDs. Typically, a driver’s license and passport should suffice. Otherwise, a voter’s ID, SSS ID, or UMID should suffice, too. Make sure to procure at least four copies of each ID. Additionally, make sure that both IDs are valid, as presenting expired IDs when transferring ownership to your name could cause some delays. 

Upon receiving the photocopies of the seller’s valid IDs, make sure that there aren’t any discrepancies with the name, address, and other details found on the bike’s OR/CR. If there are any discrepancies, such as spelling, a different address, or a completely different name, it may be a good idea to walk away from the sale, or at the very least request other documents such as Proof of One and The Same certification for minor spelling discrepancies. 

Some things to consider

Buying a used motorcycle in the Philippines

Most of the time, each used motorcycle comes with its own set of issues and challenges pertaining to paperwork. If the bike is being sold on behalf of another person whose name appears on the documentation, make sure that the person you’re talking to, at the very least, knows the seller personally and has his or her complete and updated IDs. Additionally, it helps to furnish a letter of authorization signed by the seller, stating that he or she is giving you full authority and responsibility of the motorbike in question. Make sure that this comes attached with the OR/CR and Deed of Sale. 

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