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Mutt Motorcycles Philippines inaugurates its first showroom in Clark, Pampanga

The British brand brings the custom lifestyle in an approachable package.

Mutt Motorcycles showroom in Clark Pampanga

Mutt Motorcycles, a poular British motorcycle custom shop turned OEM, has just opened its doors in the Philippine market. It’s first showroom, located in Gas Retail Plaza, within the Petron gas station complex in Clark Global City Pampanga, welcomed guests and a handful of motoring media to its inauguration held last Friday, March 11, 2022. Mutt Motorcycles entered the Philippine market last year under the United Asia Automotive Group, Inc. (UAAGI), with whom you may be familiar with as the distributor of Foton and Chery. 


Mutt Showroom Clark

At first glance of the show room, you are immediately treated to a striking and bespoke atmosphere that is very much attune to the brand’s custom-centric nature. Hues of black, brown, and gray give off a warm and cozy aura, while the bikes look beautifully crafted, as if made bespoke for individual motorcyclists despite being production models. We’ve previously talked about the Mutt GTSS 250 and all its retro flair. The brand showcased this bike, along with a handful of other models, allowing its guests to take them out for a quick spin. 

We got the chance to test ride the Mutt Razorback 125, and we were thrilled by how approachable and good-looking it was. It gave off a retro-enduro stance, with a strong custom appeal thanks to its simple lines, burly tires, and athletic stance. It’s engine, although docile and easy to handle, has a playful character and a rather precise throttle feel thanks it’s Delphi electronic fuel-injection. We also took the Akita 250, a retro-style roadster, for a quick spin. Equipped with ABS and a punchier motor, it’ll surely make for a zippy ride in and around town. 

Mutt Showroom Clark

Errol Dueñas, President of UAAGI, welcomed colleagues and guests from the motoring media to the inauguration, highlighting that the brand caters to a category of motorcycling that has fast been gaining traction over the years—the custom scene. What makes Mutt standout from the rest of the retro-style offerings is that it started out as a true blue custom shop. It gradually transformed itself into a motorcycle manufacturer that was extremely well-versed in the art of making good-looking, eye-catching two-wheelers. 

There’s no denying that Mutt Motorcycles stands the chance to open up new doors in the local motorcycle scene. This lifestyle brand could very well elevate the perception of small-displacement motorcycles, and introduce a friendlier, albeit equally exciting angle when it comes to motorcycles. Now, if you’re thinking that Clark Pampanga is way too far from where you are, worry not. UAAGI has plans of opening Mutt Motorcycle dealerships in Metro Manila, with the flagship showroom coming soon in Estancia Mall.

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