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Mutt Motorcycles arrives in the Philippines with retro-inspired bikes

The Britain-based brand builds classic-style small-displacement motorcycles.

Mutt Motorcycles

Classic motorcycles have become increasingly popular in the Philippines in recent years. The marked rise in interest has come largely from the enthusiast space, where many have taken to building custom classics out of relatively affordable starter bikes.

Now, a Britain-based manufacturer has arrived at our shores, aiming to make classic-style bikes more accessible to the mass market. Mutt Motorcycles has a wealth of experience in that arena, with its founders having over 15 years worth of building history.

Design-wise, Mutt likens its motorcycles to how brands like Triumph and Royal Enfield designed theirs in the old days. Its Birmingham headquarters is a hotbed for creativity, serving as Mutt's workshop, store, research and development, office, and events space.

Mutt sources its engines from Suzuki, one of the world's preeminent motorcycle brands. The durable air-cooled power plants pair with Mutt's in-house chassis and drivetrain design, giving the company's models a distinctly British look and feel.

Mutt Motorcycles

Mutt will reportedly sell its small-displacement bikes in the country, specifically the 250cc models. The company will debut with seven new models launching soon. Prices will start at P185,000, and you could be getting a lot for the money. 

Mutt has yet to reveal which models they're launching in our market, but with seven models expected, customers will have a wide range of bikes to choose from. Mutt builds everything from scramblers and trackers to brat-style motorcycles. The company's attention to detail and respect for history could entice many buyers. 

UAAGI Inc. is the official distributor of Mutt Motorcycles in the Philippines. It's the same company behind Chery and Foton Philippines, so you know it has experience with bringing overseas brands to the country. 

At the given price point, customers will be getting stylish, classic-looking bikes with custom-made sensibility. One thing's for sure: we can't wait to try out one of Mutt's models when they become available.

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