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HJC adds another retro helmet to its V-series: The HJC V60

This new V-series may be worth considering once it comes to the Philippines.


Retro helmets are all the rage for riders on Vespas, Royal Enfields, and other retro-styled bikes, but just because a helmet is designed with the old in mind, doesn’t mean that it has to have old-style protection and materials. 

Riders who are on the lookout for a retro lid, but with modern protection can now go to HJC. The company is more known for its RPHA line of helmets, which include the RPHA 11 Pro, RPHA 70, RPHA 90, and as well as the FIM Homologated RPHA 1. However, the South Korean brand’s middle-range lineup is also noteworthy in terms of the price and the value it brings to the table. The V-series in particular are a lineup of helmets that leans more on towards the retro side of things. Classic looks for classic riders, the first few helmets to come out of this series were the V30 open face and V90 modular. 


The newest addition to the lineup is the V60. It’s a retro-style lid that fills in the gap between the V30 and the V90, offering riders a full face with a retro twist. Similar to other models in the market with the same overall shape, the V60 comes with an open eye port but with a drop-down sun visor for eye protection. It can be flipped up, however, if you prefer the use of goggles while you ride. Snaps on the top also allow the helmet to accommodate other items like a bubble shield, or a peak which turns this retro lid into something of a retro dirtbike helmet, perfect for scramblers and vintage adventure bikes. 

Its design draws inspiration from retro enduro helmets from the 60s and 70s, but it’s crafted from modern materials and protection standards. The lid meets ECE 22.06 certification, and it is very likely that the Philippines will receive this model with that specific certification. The shell is made from fiberglass, which is lighter and stronger than HJC’s standard polycarbonate material. Its enclosure system is also a double-D ring, and its liner is removable and washable. Plus, the pads also come with an emergency quick-release system. 

HJC V60 White

It’s first being made available in Europe at €299 EUR, which roughly translates to about P17,000 for a solid color. Prices are still subject to change once they reach the Philippine market, however. It’s good to see HJC finally getting in on this retro-styled lid. If you’ve been on the search for a retro enduro lid, then this could be it. HJC is as reputable as you can get, and the design ain’t half bad either. 

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