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Here’s why it’s a bad idea to ride your motorcycle with just a T-shirt

Mind you, crashing isn’t the only thing you have to worry about.

Don't Ride Your Bike With Just A T-Shirt

It can be very tempting to swing your leg over your motorcycle and go for a ride while wearing just a T-shirt, a pair of jeans, and some sneakers. While here in the Philippines, you can get away with riding a motorcycle with just a helmet and closed shoes, we strongly advise against hitting the open road aboard your two wheeler without donning an appropriate riding jacket. 

Motorcycle jackets exist for a reason, and that is to protect you in the event of a crash. However, jackets can go a long way in keeping you nice and comfortable even if accidents aren’t involved. All that being said, here is why you’re going to want to think twice about going for a ride without an appropriate motorcycle specific jacket.

The worst kind of 'tocino'

Most of us are familiar with tocino as a delicious, savory and sweet-tasting breakfast food that’s best paired with fried egg and sinangag. However, those of us who are in the cycling and motorcycling world would be familiar with a different kind of tocino, also known as road rash. Road rash manifests itself in many shapes and sizes. If you’re lucky, and you crash at a relatively low speed and a clean area, you could walk away with a little more than a scuffed elbow. However, if you go down at a much higher speed, and there are several obstacles present, you might not walk away from it, period. 

Your torso is kind of important...

Here’s why it’s a bad idea to ride your motorcycle with just a T-shirt

If you weren’t aware, a motorcycle jacket contains a back protector, shoulder and elbow protectors, and sometimes, even chest protectors. It is because within your torso are located several of your most important internal organs. For instance, your lungs, stomach, and even your heart are all in this chunk of mass in the middle of your body. Unsurprisingly, even a moderate impact in this section of your body can result in severe discomfort and some really painful injuries. What more if it was a serious motorcycle crash?


If you thought UFOs, or unidentified flying objects had everything to do with aliens and nothing to do with motorcycles, you’re going to want to think again. It’s especially true in the Philippines, where our roads are far from ideal. It can be all too easy for other vehicles to fling up road debris, garbage, and even loose parts, and have them flying in your direction. Even a small pebble making contact with your bare skin, say on your forearm, can give you a rather painful gash. Having a jacket gives you an extra layer of protection that can turn something potentially wounding into a much milder “ouch” moment instead. 


Here’s why it’s a bad idea to ride your motorcycle with just a T-shirt

Last but not least, if you’re one who rides your motorcycle day in and day out, you would know that your arms are extremely susceptible to sunburn. This is especially true in the summer months, which we are fast approaching. Sunburn isn’t only disgusting to look at, but it’s also extremely painful, and can actually leave you immobile for a few days. Just like with UFOs, a motorcycle jacket can protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. Yes, it is physically hotter to wear a jacket, but this can easily be remedied by taking more breaks in the shade, and staying hydrated.

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