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How to disinfect your motorcycle helmet

Keep your helmet looking new and smelling fresh.

How to disinfect your motorcycle helmet

You may not know it, but your motorcycle helmet is possibly one of the dirtiest things in your gear collection. It can be all too easy to neglect cleaning your helmet after every ride, and simply wearing it again without giving it a second thought. However, given how much pollution is present around us, not to mention the sweat and bodily fluids secreted by our heads, it’s not hard to visualize just how gross a motorcycle helmet can be—both inside and out.

While we’ve already given you a step-by-step guide on how to wash your motorcycle helmet, doing so after every single ride is extremely painstaking. Not only that, it will drastically increase the wear and tear on your helmet, as washing it means you’ll need to disassemble it completely. It’s even harder if your helmet has an action camera and intercom system fitted, just like ours. Now, all that being said, disinfecting your helmet is a lot easier and can be done after every ride. This doesn’t mean, however, that you don’t need to wash your helmet. We still recommend giving your helmet a thorough wash at least once a month, or depending how frequently you use it. 

Remove surface dirt and contaminants

How to disinfect your motorcycle helmet

Start off with a clean towel which has been soaked in lukewarm water. Squeeze the excess water out of the towel so it isn’t dripping wet. Lay it over the top of your helmet for a few minutes, and allow the warm water to soften up all the dirt and debris that has accumulated on the outside of your helmet. Tree sap, dead bugs, dirt, and mud can be incredibly difficult to remove once hardened, and letting the warm water soak them all up for a few minutes will make it incredibly easy to remove them without damaging your helmet’s finish. 

Apply a spray-on wax/ detailer

How to disinfect your motorcycle helmet

Once all the hardened debris, bugs, and tree sap is gone, give your helmet a nice wipe, and apply a spray on wax or detailer. This not only cleans the outside of your helmet further, but also protects the paint and finish for when you’re ready to hit the road once again. After all, your helmet is basically your face every time you ride, so it’s best to keep it looking clean and fresh no matter what. 

Clean on the inside

How to disinfect your motorcycle helmet

What’s even more important is making sure your helmet is clean on the inside. There’s nothing more disgusting than a helmet that’s been used multiple times in hot, sweaty summer weather. The smell is something that’s strong enough to stop you from riding and just staying home (don’t ask us how we know). That said, make sure to let your helmet air-dry for a few hours after every ride. Once it’s dry, apply a helmet disinfectant foam, or any similar product. There are tons of options when it comes to helmet disinfectants available either online or in-store in your favorite gear and accessories shops. Make sure to do your research as to which ones work best, so as not to degrade the inner liner of your helmet.

Let it dry and go for a ride

How to disinfect your motorcycle helmet

Once your helmet is looking clean and smelling fresh, let it sit in open air for a few hours—away from direct sunlight. After this you should have a shiny helmet that’s slick to the touch and as fragrant as the day you first bought it. Strap it on, go for a ride, and repeat the process yet again.

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