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Do you really need to wear motorcycle-specific pants?

This seemingly optional piece of gear is far more important than you think.

Do you really need to wear motorcycle-specific pants?

If you're new to motorcycle riding, and are just starting to build your collection of riding gear, you might be wondering if the extra cost of motorcycle jeans or pants is really worth it. Surely you’ve wondered if you could just get away with a regular pair of jeans. While motorcycle pants will provide more protection than normal pants in the event of a crash, there are also other benefits when it comes to motorcycle-specific pants. 

Your knees and hips will be protected from impact damage if you wear motorcycle pants with padded inserts. In terms of preventing abrasion injuries, motorcycle pants, thanks to their reinforcing materials, are leaps and bounds better than standard jeans. Leg injuries are less likely to be life threatening, hence a helmet and jacket are more critical than pants. That being said, however, leg injuries can be extremely painful, inconvenient, and drastically hinder you from going about with your day-to-day. 

How much safer are motorcycle pants?

Do you really need to wear motorcycle-specific pants?

When you crash your motorcycle, there are two types of leg injuries to be concerned about. The first is the physical impact and blunt force of the fall. The most vulnerable and prone to injuries from the hard impact with the asphalt will be your hips and knees. Bruising or bone fractures could develop as a result of this. You can decrease the force of a fall on your joints by wearing protective motorcycle pants with extra armored padding around the hip and knee areas. A good pair of jeans could spell the difference between being able to walk away from a crash and needing to be rushed to the hospital. 

Abrasion, also known as road rash, or here in the Philippines, tocino, is a skin injury caused from sliding down the road. When the bike loses traction in a corner or on a wet road, this is a typical occurrence. You will slide if you get off your bike while it is rolling. Protective motorcycle pants constructed of specific anti-abrasive material such as Kevlar-lining and high-grade aramid fibers, will protect your skin from road rash, which is a difficult injury to clean. It also has the potential to prevent wounds and other soft-tissue related injuries. 

Other benefits of riding pants

Do you really need to wear motorcycle-specific pants?

Motorcycle pants can shield you from the weather as well as protect you from impact and abrasion injuries after a crash. Most motorcycle trousers will protect you from burns caused by a searing hot exhaust pipe if you drop the bike on your leg, for example, because they are made of abrasion and heat-resistant textiles. 

On a motorcycle, you're also vulnerable to flying items such as bugs, stones, and various debris thrown up by other vehicles. Impact-resistant pants will significantly minimize the impact of projectiles hitting your legs. In addition to this, riding jeans also assist with airflow. A lot of motorcycle-specific pants are meant to keep you more comfortable in hot weather, thanks to ventilation and the type of material used. Air vents on most pants can be opened and closed as the weather changes. In a variety of settings, good gear will keep you comfortable.

Different types of riding pants

Do you really need to wear motorcycle-specific pants?

All that being said, we certainly hope we’ve convinced you that riding pants are indeed an important thing to have in your riding gear collection. Don’t worry, though, there are different types of riding jeans that are meant to fit all sorts of budgets and style preferences . For starters, beginners can opt for basic riding jeans that offer standard abrasion and impact protection. Ranging anywhere from around P3,500 to P9,000, these pants offer minimalist styling, with some brands disguising their protective features incredibly well. 

Advanced or more sporty riders may opt for specialized pants such as ADV, sport-touring, or even track-oriented racing pants. These come with a lot more reinforcements and are usually made of high-grade textiles or leather that do an excellent job in absorbing impacts and preventing injuries from high-speed slides. They do, however, cost a pretty penny, with some two-piece racing suits costing close to P100,000, while ADV and touring suits can set you back well over P30,000 to P50,000. 

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