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Here's why the CFMOTO 450SR should be your next sportbike

Cutting-edge performance, style, and unbeatable value packaged in a lightweight sportbike.


One of the world's most cutting-edge motorcycle manufacturers, CFMOTO, is quickly rising to prominence. With the 400NK and the rest of its entry-level offering, it first dazzled the market for first-time big bike riders. The 700 CL-X family of Neo-Retro bikes, which packed a powerful punch much above their weight class, then sparked a stir in the middleweight market. It then attacked the middleweight ADV market with the 800MT, a KTM-derived model, and is now ready to upend the sportbike market with the 450SR, one of its most recent masterpieces.

The Chinese company has previously entered the sportbike market with other models before the CFMOTO 450SR. People searching for a sporty commuter and occasional track machine that is simple to use, inexpensive to buy and maintain love the 300SR, which is based on the well-liked 300NK platform. With the 450SR, CFMOTO has now once again excelled itself. On paper, there are many great things about this bike. Let's examine the factors that make us enthusiastic about the new 450SR.

One-of-a-kind engine


When we reviewed the 450SR's spec sheet, the engine was the first item that caught our attention. A 450cc parallel-twin engine isn't very unique in and of itself, yes. However, we learned that a 270-degree crankshaft, similar to what we find in Triumph and Yamaha twins, is featured in this engine. For those of you who don't know, this engine arrangement is comparable to that of the Yamaha MT-07, a motorcycle renowned for its powerful bottom and mid range as well as its thrilling exhaust note.

It's important to note that the CFMOTO 450SR is the first parallel twin of this size to have a 270-degree crankshaft. Additionally, it is the most potent sub-500cc sportbike on the market with 50 horsepower available. Let's just say that the CFMOTO 450SR will show to be a strong competitor against the Ninja 400 and KTM RC 390 from its engine alone in a market dominated by pretty meager single-cylinder engines and parallel-twins with a 180-degree crankshaft.

Top-shelf features


You're in for a nice surprise if you believe the 450SR's engine is the only thing that sets it different from the competition. Considering its class, the CFMOTO 450SR also has top-tier components. For instance, it has Brembo brakes up front that come standard with dual-channel ABS. Additionally, KYB's adjustable suspension components make a comeback on the 450SR. On top of all that, CFMOTO has outfitted the 450SR with some fancy electronics. Not only do you get a full-color TFT display, you also get a suit of rider aids such as ABS, traction control, and a slipper-assist clutch. 

Striking styling


Of course, CFMOTO has long been on point with regards to style. Filipino motorcycle aficionados have been captivated by CFMOTO ever since it unveiled the 400NK naked bike. Now that the 450SR has an ultra-slim, razor-sharp appearance, it is obvious that it will appeal to our insatiable need for all things sporty and race-inspired. Stunning bodywork that has every feature you'd want on a high performance sportbike is on exhibit, with CFMOTO even going as far as adding winglets that claim to provide 2 kilograms of downforce at 120 kilometers per hour. 

Attractive pricing


With all the specs on the table, it’s clear that the CFMOTO 450SR puts all other sportbikes in the entry-level segment to shame by a huge margin. No other bike packs this many features at this price point. Speaking of price, all you need to pay is P299,900 for this cutting-edge, lightweight sportbike. Needless to say, this is even less than nearly all other sportbikes of this category. 

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