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Can you get a supersport bike as your first motorcycle?

You may want to think twice about pulling the trigger on that supersport bike, especially if it’s your first time.

Can you get a supersport bike as your first motorcycle?

For many first time motorcyclists, supersport bikes like the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R and the Ducati Panigale V4 S are the bikes they dream of owning. Many times, these bikes are the very reason as to why they started motorcycling in the first place. Now, superbikes are definitely amazing machines, especially on a twisty road or the race track. However, they are definitely not for beginner riders.

Having said all that, it isn’t uncommon to see a first time rider, especially one who is loaded with a lot of cash, rocking the newest, most powerful supersport available in the market. Now, is this a good idea? Today, we are going to discuss why you may want to think twice about buying a supersport bike as your first motorcycle.

Committed ergonomics

Can you get a supersport bike as your first motorcycle?

First and foremost, we should look at ergonomics. Whether or not a motorcycle is comfortable is definitely a subjective case. Some people prefer the hunched over position of a sport bike, while others prefer the upright sitting position of a naked bike or adventure bike. When it comes to supersport bikes, the ergonomics are designed such that they favor performance and leverage at high speeds, be it in a straight line or on a twisty road. 

As such, all supersport bikes feature extremely aggressive, low-slung, clip-on handlebars mated to high, rearset foot pegs. On top of this, supersport bikes tend to feature tall saddles, making it difficult especially for shorter riders to confidently plant both feet on the ground. This set up sees writers adopt a very hunched over riding position, with most of their weight on their wrists and lower back. Naturally, this is extremely uncomfortable especially on longer rides and in heavy traffic. 

Extreme performance

Can you get a supersport bike as your first motorcycle?

As the name suggests, supersport bikes deliver impressive performance, making them some of the fastest vehicles on the road. Motorcycles like the BMW S 1000 RR back upwards of 200 hp, and are capable of achieving speeds in excess of 300 km/h. On top of that, they rocket from 0 to 100 km/h in under three seconds. If you’re thinking that the amount of performance from these machines is even more than that of supercars, then you’d be right.

However, while a beginner driver can drive a Porsche 911 at low speeds relatively safely, the same cannot be said for high powered motorcycles. It takes a lot of skill and finesse to maneuver these high capacity, high-performance motorcycles, even at low speeds. As such, it may not be such a good idea for a first time rider to hop aboard a supersport bike.

They're very expensive

Can you get a supersport bike as your first motorcycle?

As you’re probably expecting, supersport bikes are very expensive. Even the most affordable ones, such as the Kawasaki Ninja ZX 6R, fetch upwards of P600,00, making them rather expensive two-wheelers. The expenses for consumables are particularly high, too. For instance, a good set of tires can fetch upwards of P20,000 for a pair. On top of that, frequent oil change intervals, and other preventative maintenance tasks will certainly add up to the cost of ownership.

Should things go awry, repair costs for things like bodywork, engine casings, suspension components, and wheels, can easily fetch a six-figure sum, especially if your motorcycle is not insured. This is just one of the many reasons why you may want to reconsider buying a supersport motorcycle as your first bike.

What to get instead

Can you get a supersport bike as your first motorcycle?

Now, if you are a first time rider, and you are adamant on starting your two wheeled journey aboard a big bike, then perhaps not all hope is lost. There are indeed a good number of beginner friendly big bikes. We have discussed these bikes in great detail in previous articles, so be sure to check them out. We would highly recommend starting on a 400cc to 500cc Machine like the Honda CBR500R, or the Kawasaki Z400, in order to get your bearings when it comes to riding a big bike.

Starting small will not only save you from a potentially painful first time motorcycling experience, but will also provide you with the perfect training ground for you to develop your skills. While not starting out on your dream bike may be somewhat frustrating, being a proficient, safe, and skilled motorcyclist when the time comes that you can actually buy your dream bike, will undoubtedly pay dividends down the road.

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