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4 reasons you should commute on a motorcycle

Apart from money and time savings, there's a lot more to enjoy on two wheels.

Motorcycle Commuting

In the current condition of Philippine traffic and public transportation, many individuals have resorted to finding more efficient and comfortable ways of getting around town. One such way would be through the use of a motorcycle. Life on two wheels may not be so alien to us at this point. We might have our own ride which gets taken out for a spin every weekend, or we might know of someone who rides for fun or for everyday duties.

Regardless of the situation, if you’re thinking about taking on the life of commuting on two wheels, you’re doing yourself a favor. There are many different reasons people choose to commute on a motorcycle despite having a usable vehicle in the garage or easy access to public transport. If you’re interested to find out why, or if you’re looking for that nudge to start day-to-day duties on two wheels, here are 4 reasons you should start commuting on a motorcycle.

Money savings

Fuel Pumps

The first and most glaring reason to commute on a motorcycle would be on the aspect of reducing costs, specifically when compared to using a car or ride-hailing services. To begin with, purchasing a car will set you back a few hundred thousand pesos at best, while motorcycles built for city commutes can be had for less than P100,000. Versus cars, parking cost also present a large discrepancy. Business districts in Metro Manila can charge up to P200 for car parking per day depending on the number of hours your car is parked, while motorcycle parking is generally kept fixed around P40. That’s a 5x saving on parking cost every day.

Fuel cost is also a big factor. Commuter motorcycles generally have an average fuel economy of about 30-45 kilometers per liter, while cars would average anywhere between 7-12 kilometers per liter. If you commute everyday from Quezon City to Makati City and back, and with an approximate fuel cost of P50 per liter, your fuel cost on a car for a month would amount to P2500, while your fuel expenses on a motorcycle would cost only P670 – you’ll be spending almost 4x more on a car than on a motorcycle for fuel alone.

Time savings

Motorcycle Gauge Cluster

If money savings may not be too big of a deal for you, time savings may just be your ticket to motorcycle commuting. Individuals who live in dense urban cities in the Philippines understand the hellish situation of the daily rush hour commute. Whether that’s through public transportation or private vehicles, traveling a total of 10 kilometers can often take upwards of an hour or two—from having to line up for a train or bus, or from having to crawl through a jam-packed road.

On a motorcycle, however, travel time can often be cut down by half of the travel time of a car. Motorcycles are able to squeeze through tight spaces on our roads, which allows for the little two-wheeler to maintain speed and cover more ground. This way, motorcycles are able to maintain higher average speeds than cars through busy roads and will be able to save you a good amount of time—free of the frustrations of rush hour traffic.


Motorcycle Style

Another great reason to use a motorcycle for day-to-day duties would be the aspect of style—particularly moto gear and moto accessories. Shopping for your next favorite motorcycle helmet, riding jacket, or even a simple pair of gloves can be a great mood booster for everyday commuting. Riders can enjoy a variety of riding gear styles: modern vintage, sport riding, off-road, adventure gear, and so much more.

On top of this, riders can also enjoy the little customizations which can be conducted on a motorcycle. Being able to put more comfortable and stylish handlebar grips, upgrading to a more sleek side mirror style, or installing a premium seat cover. The possibilities are endless, and playing with all the style options of moto gear and moto accessories on the day-to-day can be very fun and enjoyable.

Personal time

Solo Riding

The last reason to commute on a motorcycle would be to enjoy your own personal time. Riding on a motorcycle takes a lot of concentration and effort from the mind and body. All four limbs are busy attending to something on the ride, and unlike when in a car or in public transportation, motorcycle riders have to detach from the gadgets and accessories of modern life. Instead, riders have to be completely focused on the road and the two-wheeled machine beneath the saddle.

This is the primary reason many riders enjoy life on two wheels—being able to detach from all the distractions of our world today, even for just a few minutes, thus being able to enjoy the solitude and time with oneself. If you’re looking to create a bit of personal time and space to enjoy solitude and mental privacy, it may pay dividends to choose to use your motorcycle for your everyday commutes.

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