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Top 6 most fuel efficient scooters in the Philippines

Looking to maximize fuel economy? We've got a few scooters for you.

Top 6 most fuel efficient scooters in the Philippines

Scooters are much-loved machines in many different parts of the world, and the Philippines is one of them. After all, scooters make perfect sense for dense city roads and all the small roads in between and are much loved by riders out there for being comfortable, practical, and relatively affordable. On top of this, scooters are incredibly fuel-efficient machines. With the help of fuel-injection, Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT), smaller wheels, and a lightweight body, it’s no surprise that scooters are able to maximize a liter of fuel.

If you’re looking to take a scooter home with fuel economy as a priority, check out the top 6 most fuel-efficient scooters in the Philippines.

Honda Airblade 150 - 53 km/L

Honda Airblade 150

Starting off our list is the Honda Airblade 150 which is able to squeeze out 53 kilometers on a single liter of fuel, which is quite an impressive feat. The Airblade 150 sports an edgy body design that can be had in 3 colors: Red, Black, or Blue. The Airblade, which is priced at just P109,000, also comes with a decent amount of features, including a smart key for keyless starts, a digital gauge, a ubox for storage, an LED headlamp, and much more.

Suzuki Address 115 - 53 km/L

Suzuki Address 115

The next scooter on our list racks up a fuel economy figure of 53 kilometers per liter and is the Suzuki Address 115. The impressive fuel range per liter is made possible due to fuel injection, the well-designed CVT unit, and a relatively simple and no-frills engine. On top of this, the Address 115 comes rolls off dealership floors at just P66,900, which makes it one of the most affordable scooter options with a broad fuel range—a top choice for the discerning and budget-oriented rider.

Honda Click 125i - 53 km/L

Honda Click 125i

The Honda Click 125i is a crowd favorite among local riders, not just for the scooter’s abundance of practical features, or it’s relatively affordable price of just P76,900 pesos. It is also known to be one of the most fuel efficient scooters you can get, churning out 53 kilometers per liter. The Click 125i also provides riders with an abundance of features such as an LED headlight and taillight, a front disc brake system, and an auto start-stop system.

Suzuki Burgman Street - 53.5 km/L

Suzuki Burgman Street

Marketed as a small displacement maxi scooter coming in at just P76,900, the Suzuki Burgman Street churns out an impressive 53.5 km/L fuel economy figure, thanks to its efficient 125cc fuel-injected engine which is capable of producing 8.58 horsepower and 10.52 nm of torque. Apart from great fuel economy, the Burgman Street also comes with a front disc brake system, 12-inch cast aluminum wheels, a digital gauge, and LED headlights and taillights. 

Honda Genio 110 - 59.1 km/L

Honda Genio

Our second to the most fuel efficient scooter on the list is the Honda Genio 110, which can rack up 59.1 km/L on its 110cc fuel-injected mill. The Genio produces a healthy 9 horsepower and 9 nm of torque, which is substantial considering the curb weight of 89kg. The Genio also features an LED headlight, a digital gauge, an under seat power outlet for device charging – all for the ticket price of just P72,900.

Honda BeAT 110 - 63 km/L

Honda BeAT

If you’re looking to maximize fuel economy at all costs, the Honda BeAT 110 may just be the perfect ride for you. It is the most fuel efficient scooter on our list and is capable of travelling for 63 kilometers on one liter of fuel – that’s the distance between Quezon City, NCR to Calamba, Laguna. The impressive fuel economy can be credited to the highly efficient 110cc fuel-injected engine paired with Honda’s Idling Stop System which turns the engine off when the motorcycle is idling. Starting at just P66,900, the BeAT 110 is one of the best choices for riders looking to maximize value for money in the long run.

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