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5 reasons why you should ride dual-sport

Find out why you should explore the fun-loving experience of dual-sport motorcycles.

Husqvarna Motorcycle Off-road

Motorcycle riding is home to many sorts of disciplines. Sportbike riders may enjoy carving up a twisty road, cruiser riders might enjoy a relaxed ride around town, and touring riders may indulge in the long stretches of road between destinations. One highly underrated discipline in the motorcycling world is dual-sport riding—a mix of road and off-road segments to be enjoyed on a capable, dual-purpose machine. Dual-sport riding has been around for much longer than the adventure riding craze we see today and has bred a couple of capable motorcycles which can be used to enjoy all that dual-sport riding has to offer. If you’re looking for a reason to start on this discipline of motorcycle riding, here are five.

Off-road experience

Honda Dual Sport Off-road

Dual-sport motorcycles are designed to take road and off-road duties with much ease. Opening up to the world of off-road can do so much for the rider—apart from the expanse of skills that can be mastered in various off-road conditions, the simple enjoyment of being in and around nature can be a great break from the hustle and bustle of the metro. Off-road riding is also seen as a great way to build riding skills in general due to the exposure to various levels of grip and the low-speed nature of riding off-road. If you’re looking to develop riding skills and simply enjoy the sweet escape of being off the beaten path, dual-sport riding may just be your ticket.

Touring comfort

Honda CRF250L Touring

Take a look at the rider triangle of your average dual sport and you will find that the seating position is very relaxed. Mid-rise handlebars and a mid-set footpeg with ample distance between the seat and the peg means that riders can go for long distances on a dual-sport without body sores. Luggage options are also quite abundant in the world of dual-sport riding, and touring seat options are often readily available. This is the primary reason why adventure riding has its roots in dual-sport riding—they’re great for spending many hours on the saddle and can take a bit of dirt while you’re at it.

Commuting practicality

Honda CRF250 Rally Commute

Dual-sport motorcycles are also great commuter bikes. Take a look at your Honda CRF150L, the Yamaha WR 155, or other dual-sport motorcycles of your choice, and you will find that these bikes are built to be slim, light, and come with rear luggage rack options. Dual-sport motorcycles typically weigh anywhere between 120 kg and 145 kg and are designed to be slim at the body for agility when going off-road. This combination makes the dual-sport motorcycle a great commuter for those looking to squeeze through tight traffic without having to lug around so much weight. Luggage racks are also found on most dual-sport motorcycles which makes it great for hauling items around, and the long dual-sport seat makes the motorcycle a great ride if you plan on riding with a passenger.

Low cost of ownership

KTM Dirt Bike

The dual-sport motorcycle is designed to take a beating as it effortlessly tackles a variety of terrain and riding styles. As such, dual-sport motorcycles are very durable and are designed to be simple and highly reliable machines. This all translates to a motorcycle that is not only affordable from the dealership but is very easy and relatively cheap to maintain. Riders won’t have to think about having valves adjusted every few thousand kilometers, or have to think about complex oil changes or worry about advanced electronic systems breaking down. The simplicity of dual-sport machines means a hassle-free ownership experience—allowing you to simply hop on your motorcycle and enjoy the ride.

Pure unadulterated fun

Dual Sport Trail Rider

Because of the versatility and design, the dual-sport motorcycle affords riders with much freedom to simply enjoy the various roads and paths ahead. Long-travel suspension means that riders won't have to worry too much about going over rough roads or speed bumps. Dual-purpose tires mean that adequate traction can be had throughout most road conditions. Lightweight and practical design means enjoyment can be had for many hours on the road without being tiresome for the rider. On a dual-sport, riders can simply enjoy the ride ahead and take advantage of the pure, unadulterated fun that dual-sport riding has to offer.

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