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5 life-saving tools and items for motorcycle emergencies

Preparing for the worst doesn't have to be difficult. Here are a few items you should take along with you.

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When you’re out on the road, having the right tools with you can mean the difference between a quick roadside repair and a longer towing job to the shop or back home. Being equipped with the right tools doesn’t need to be such a tedious task—it’s all about knowing the purpose of which these tools serve, and picking out the appropriate tools for your next ride out. If your regular motorcycle toolkit won’t cut it and you’re thinking about going the extra mile with additional tools and items, here are 6 life-saving tools you may want to take with you on your next ride out.

First aid kit

Motorcycle First Aid Kit

Without a doubt, first aid kits are a must-have for all motorcycle riders—regardless of your riding style or riding frequency. Having a proper first aid kit can mean the difference between a dreadfully long and painful recovery, or a quick and easy one. They’re good to have for emergency personal usage, or maybe of great help for other riders on the road who find themselves in sticky situations. First aid kits built for motorcycle riding can be very compact and lightweight, and can easily be a permanent fixture of your storage compartment or backpack. Motorcycle first aid kits can either be purchased pre-made, or riders can tailor-fit a personal first aid kit by building one from scratch. Regardless of your choice, make sure to keep one with you at all times as first aid kits can truly be life-saving in times of emergency.

Tire patch kit

Motorcycle Tire Patch Kit

Tire patch kits help save you from one of the most common types of roadside emergencies: flat tires. For tubeless tires, the patch kits often come in the form of a bacon strip plug and glue which inserts into the hole of your tire to plug it up. For tubed tires, patch kits come in the form of stick-on patches which cover up tube punctures. Tire patch kits are lightweight and physically compact which makes this life saving tool a very effective and easy to keep on your motorcycle for your rides out. Make sure to follow the instructions on the kit for best results and replace your tire or tube accordingly after the kit has served its purpose.

Portable tire inflator

Motorcycle Tire Inflator

Portable tire inflators will also be handy for a variety of emergencies on the road, and come in two primary configurations: battery-operated units and manually-operated hand pumps. It may help compliment the use of a tire patch kit – getting a flat tire up to proper pressure after repair. Tire inflators can also inflate dangerously underinflated tires in case air pumps are far out of reach. As such, portable tire inflators are all the more useful for riders who ride long distances through far-flung areas, off-road enthusiasts who often deflate tires for off-road usage, and your average commuter who may want to play it safe.

Tow strap

Motorcycle Tow Strap

Tow straps can also be a life-saving tool for motorcycle riders in more ways than one. The most obvious purpose is that a tow strap will be able to help take a stranded motorcycle to a nearby mechanic or service center. Apart from this, a properly designed tow strap can also be used as a tourniquet for roadside emergencies and can truly be life-saving if used correctly and in a timely manner. Lastly, tow straps can also be used as an arm sling for riders who take a spill and will need to support an arm before getting proper medical care. Tow straps serve a variety of life-saving purposes making this tool a must-have for all motorcycle riders.

Rain gear

Motorcycle Rain Gear

The last life-saving item on the list would be rain gear for the motorcycle rider. Rain gear is also a very versatile tool. Apart from keeping riders dry during the rainy season, rain gear can also be used in cold climate areas to insulate body heat for energy conservation. Because rain gear is waterproof, it can also be used to wrap any exposed item on your motorcycles, such as luggage or carry-on items, for thorough waterproofing. Because rain gear is also designed to be thin and lightweight, it can be easily stored inside various compartments and bags on your motorcycle making it a very practical tool that will most definitely keep riders safe from inclement weather.

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