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Yamaha pulls the covers off the NEO’s electric scooter - here are the details.

Yes, it’s spelled NEO’s, with an apostrophe.

Yamaha pulls the covers off the NEO’s electric scooter

Yamaha has recently made known its plans of rolling out a variety of electric powered to two wheelers. Last week, a Japanese manufacturer announced that it would be launching several lightweight EVS into the market. The first of which comes in the form of the NEO’s electric scooter, a commuter that’s equivalent to a 50cc gas-powered runabout. The NEO‘s is expected to make its debut in the European market before rolling out in other parts of the world.

At first glance, it is clear to see that the NEO‘s employs modern styling with minimalist design cues. It has a compact body with clean lines, and a saddle that can comfortably accommodate a full-grown rider. It does come with passenger foot bags and enough room to accommodate a pillion, however, it looks like it’ll make for a rather tight fit. Upfront is a dual LED headlight, that gives the NEO‘s a very friendly and approachable look. It’s a breath of fresh air especially with the hyper futuristic styling of today’s electric two-wheelers.

Yamaha NEO's

Moving onto the power train, the NEO’s is powered by a 2.03 kW electric motor. It sips juice from two removable lithium ion batteries which each offer 37.5 km of range. This gives the NEO‘s a total range of 75 km on a single charge. While we are at the topic of charging, it takes around eight hours to fully charge the Yamaha NEO‘s batteries. As such, it’s clear to see that this little electric scooter is at home only in the urban setting, as well as for around town duty.

When it comes to technology, the Yamaha NEO’s doesn’t fall short. It gets an LCD instrument cluster complete with Bluetooth smartphone connectivity, allowing the writer to access vital information such as battery status, routes, as well as missed calls and SMS notifications. For now, the Yamaha NEO’s is available only in Europe. It retails for €3,005 EUR, translating to around P170,000. With today’s rising gas prices, do you think the Yamaha NEO’s would make for a good alternative personal mobility device here in the Philippines?

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