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Yamaha Philippines celebrates its racers' accomplishments and future races

Mckinley Kyle Paz, King Mascardo, Gian Carlo Mauricio, and J.E. Inguito, good luck in your races! Wait, is that the Yamaha R7 behind the Sniper 155?

Yamaha R7

Yamaha Motor Philippines had a small celebration last week for its home-grown racing heroes. The brand made a commitment to establish motorsports as a motorcycle manufacturer, pulling all the stops to support local talent and propel them to the world stage. 

First, a bit of history. Yamaha set out on its goal back in 2010, with the ambitious goal of bringing a Filipino racer into MotoGP. The Yamaha Grand Prix (YGP), and the brand refined riders to a high level, and these athletes are now competing in their final round of international contests for the current campaign, hoping to lift the Philippine flag to victory. 

Yamaha Filipino Racers - The Rev Voyage
Yamaha Filipino Racers - The Rev Voyage

As of today, Filipinos move closer and closer to that goal, with Mckinley Kyle Paz, King Mascardo, Gian Carlo Mauricio, and J.E. Inguito being the front runners in the brand’s roster. The next chapter for each racer will be the Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC) and FIM Junior Grand Prix (FIM JrGP). The racers and their teams, Mckinley Kyle Paz with Stylo Bike Racing Team, April King Mascardo, Gian Carlos Mauricio with UMA Racing MMR Yamaha Philippines Team, and J.E. Inguito with 4S1M Yamaha Racing Team will all be headed towards their finals in the next few weeks. 

Paz will keep inspiring people who wish to participate in the FIM JrGP. Meanwhile, ARRC riders Mascardo, Mauricio, and Inguito, will be continued in the next season of the series. 

At the send-off, the guests included members of the media as well as vloggers at Craft Bar in BGC. Yamaha also fielded two special guests to make an appearance at the event, the All-New Yamaha Sniper, and the Yamaha YZF-R7 sportbike. According to Yamaha Philippines, this was also one of the first times that the R7 was shown out at an official event for everyone to see. The model is the Tuning Fork’s middleweight sport bike based on the MT-07, and it’s ready for the track just like the racers that Yamaha fields. 

Yamaha Filipino Racers - The Rev Voyage

We wish all the Yamaha racers the best of luck to compete at the highest of levels and achieve greater heights in the future. 

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