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Yamaha to explore the development of biofuel bikes

The question of whether Yamaha is going electric or biofuel is still up in the air.

Yamaha XSR 700

Electric bikes are quickly rising in popularity, but Yamaha’s working on something that’s a little closer to gasoline. While other brands are experimenting and while some are succeeding in the electric space, Yamaha’s looking into something that mid-way between our traditional fossil-fuel-powered vehicles and the zero-emission electrics. 

Biofuels present their case as a replacement for fossil fuels. Otherwise known as synthetic fuels, can it lead to a greener future without the need for electricity? Yamaha seems to be looking into it for now, as stated by Yamaha Motor’s president, Yoshihiro Hidaka, who has stated that the brand is exploring more than one solution to combat climate change. 

As for the sourcing of hydrogen, that’s another problem that can be tackled in the near to far future. However, the infrastructure is already present to adapt to biofuels and hydrogen. However, it seems that electric power is a much easier thing to shift to considering that a lot of countries are already pushing for it in the future and a lot of manufacturers like Honda, and even the KTM group are trying out. 

However, for countries where electricity is not in ample supply, biofuels could possibly be a solution as a substitute for fossil fuels. That’s not to say that a good portion of Yamaha’s market can’t make the shift to electricity eventually, but given that 80 percent of the Japanese brand’s shipments go to Asia Yamaha does have an incentive to tackle both sides of the coin when hunting for an alternative to fossil-based fuels. 

For now, we can still enjoy our gas-guzzling or gas-sipping motorcycle for the time being. Yamaha still makes great bikes powered by dead dinosaurs, so we can rest a little easily for now. Yamaha has made no comments about their next models to adapt to hydrogen, or whether there will be a new biofuel-powered model on the horizon. For now, the brand is looking into things and it’s left at that. 

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