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Yamaha debuts the striking Augur commuter scooter in Taiwan

Would you like to see this radically styled scooter on Philippine roads?

Yamaha debuts the striking Augur commuter scooter in Taiwan

Yamaha has just introduced an eye-catching new scooter designed specifically for the Taiwanese market. The Augur is the most futuristic model to have emerged from the Japanese manufacturer's scooter portfolio in recent years. It has a number of futuristic characteristics that are all enhanced by its extreme style. Let's examine more closely, shall we?

The Yamaha Augur's distinct look immediately draws attention. It has a distinct, edgy design with angular elements, lending it an extraterrestrial appearance. The style is described by Yamaha as a blend of elegant and intelligent. The headlights are shaped like an arrow up front, and the front bodywork is compact and pointed. Furthermore, Yamaha has used body panels with varying textures—some smooth and glossy, while others rough and matte—to give the scooter a more distinct appearance.

Yamaha Augur Scooter

In terms of technology, Yamaha includes all of its latest and best features, such as a handy Y-LLA, or Yamaha Lean Light Assist function, which is a fancy way of saying corning lights. What's more, the LED headlamp can change color based on the weather and the rider's preferences. It's also not some showy party trick. The headlight can be switched between white (for usage on city streets with clear sky) and warm white (for enhanced visibility in fog and rain).

Yamaha Augur Scooter

A full-color LCD monitor with built-in navigation is also included. As with other modern two-wheelers, you can link your smartphone to the scooter to have access to features like onboard diagnostics and ride analytics. Finally, the Augur preserves city-focused scooter functions. A wide saddle lets you ride comfortably even with a passenger, and a level floor board allows you to firmly place your feet wherever you find it most comfortable. There's also plenty of under-seat storage, but don't anticipate as much space as on larger maxi-scooters, owing to the Augur's slim and futuristic styling.

The Yamaha Augur is powered by the proven and tested 155cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, single cylinder engine featured in many previous Yamaha commuters. The engine is comparable to that found in the Yamaha NMAX maxi-scooter and the YZF-R15 and MT-15 in other Asian markets. It even has Yamaha's proprietary Blue Core technology to optimize fuel efficiency at low RPMs and performance in the upper reaches of the rev range.  It uses a conventional CVT to deliver power to the back wheel, and even includes traction control for enhanced safety on wet city streets.

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