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Would you like to see the Kymco DTX 125 in the Philippines?

Kymco’s take on a baby adventure scooter.

Would you like to see the Kymco DTX 125 in the Philippines?

The adventure scooter segment is a small, albeit quickly growing segment in the world of scooters. At present, it’s really only Honda that’s dominating the ADV scooter scene—both in terms of big and small displacement offerings. For starters, we have the ADV150, a small-capacity, go anywhere, rugged machine which is a favorite among commuters and enthusiasts alike. Meanwhile, the X-ADV is arguably the high-capacity scooter that started it all. 

BMW, too, has forayed into the world of the dual-sport scooter with its C 400 X—although many people would agree that it’s a more street-focused machine. That being said, despite having quite a strong presence in the local market, Kymco has yet to release any of its ADV scooters on Philippine soil. This begs the question: will we soon see an adventurous scooter bearing the Kymco badge in the local market anytime soon?

Kymco DTX 125

Well, in Europe, the Taiwanese scooter maker recently launched the DTX 125, a beginner friendly, A1-compliant adventure scooter. The company seeks to attract the younger, adventurous, and on-the-go generation with this scoot, and it’s clear to see that it’s built to satisfy your taste for adventure. The DTX 125 gets long travel suspension, dual-purpose tires, and adequate wind protection. Despite that fact that it’s little 125cc engine rated at 13 ponies will likely give a top speed of around 90 to 100 kilometers per hour, the DTX 125 looks just about ready to embark on long-distance rides, provided, of course, that you limit your travels to backcountry roads. 

As far as pricing goes, it does command a surprising premium of 4,699 Euros in the French market. This translates to around P276,300–money that could buy you much more capable, performance-oriented machines. Because of this premium, the likelihood that Kymco will import this scooter into the Philippines is extremely slim. It goes without saying that at a price point like that, it won’t stand a chance against the likes of the Honda ADV150. 

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