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Would you like to see the cute Honda CG125 in the Philippines?

Wuyang Honda, Honda’s Chinese counterpart, has released the 2022 model of this approachable commuter.

Would you like to see the cute Honda CG125 in the Philippines?

Some of you retro motorcycle aficionados may be familiar with the Honda CG125, a modest commuter from decades ago. Honda of Japan first produced this tiny, no-frills commuter in 1976, providing mobility to people from all walks of life. It was a true workhorse thanks to its very handy platform and sturdy construction. The CG125 has been in existence in various regions of the world since 1976, though not constantly. The CG125 was discontinued in Japan in 2008. Meanwhile, the bike has been available in Pakistan since 1992. The latest version comes from Wuyang Honda, the Chinese counterpart to the Japanese powerhouse.

The CG125 will receive a special edition for the 2022 model year to commemorate the bike's 30th year in the Chinese market. The commuter, dubbed the CG125 Special, receives a new colorway as well as a few luxury touches that lend a hint of classic style to honor the bike's rebirth in 1992. For starters, the bike's blue and white color scheme is the most eye-catching feature. The Honda wing logo is present, as well as a 3D symbol with the Wuyang Honda badge.

Honda CG125

The CG125 Special has a sophisticated ribbed saddle with faux leather upholstery on top. The fork gaiters add a classic touch to the front end, while the blacked-out mudguards, motor, and drivetrain give the bike a more streamlined appearance. Finally, mechanical gauges, a rectangle headlight, and complementing rectangular turn signals complete the CG125 Special's classic utilitarian appeal.

In terms of performance, the CG125 is equipped with a 125cc air-cooled, fuel-injected single-cylinder engine that is exceptionally fuel-efficient. With 9.8 horsepower on tap, it'll make for a pleasant ride through town, as well as a proficient commuter during rush hour traffic. The fact that Honda boasts a fuel economy of around 55 kilometers per liter means that stops at the gas station will be few and far between. What's the best part? It costs only CNY 7,480, or the equivalent of just P59,200. In the local market, the CG125 is most similar to the Honda TMX125, albeit slightly more premium with its retro flair and electronic fuel-injection. The Honda TMX125 retails for P51,900. 

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