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Benelli unveils 902S naked streetfighter in China

This thing would look pretty good ripping up our streets.

Benelli unveils 902S naked streetfighter in China

In the Philippines, naked bikes, especially in the middleweight segment, have become a hot topic among big bike enthusiasts. One brand that stands out in this market is Benelli, known for its affordable yet stylish and powerful motorcycles. Though Benelli has Italian roots, it's now owned by Chinese company QJ Motor and manufactured in China, which plays a big part in its pricing strategy.

Recently, Benelli introduced the 902S at the Beijing Motor Show, and it’s already creating a buzz. The 902S shares a striking resemblance to the 752S, Benelli’s middleweight naked bike, which takes its design cues from the iconic Ducati Monster. The bike features an exposed trellis frame, a muscular fuel tank, and sporty lines, making it a head-turner.

Benelli 902S

At its heart, the Benelli 902S boasts a 904cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected parallel-twin engine that delivers a robust 105 horsepower. This is a significant jump from the 752S’s 75 horsepower, catering to performance-focused riders who crave a powerful naked bike. 

Like Benelli’s other high-performance models, the 902S comes equipped with premium components, including a Brembo braking system and adjustable Marzocchi suspension. The bike’s weight has also been reduced to 220 kilograms (485 pounds), making it 13 pounds lighter than its predecessor. 

One of the major draws of Benelli’s made-in-China bikes, like the 902S, is their affordability compared to mainstream brands. While the global price of the 902S hasn’t been confirmed yet, its predecessor, the 752S, is priced at around PHP 450,000. The 902S is expected to be in a similar range, offering a lot of bike for the money.

Benelli 902S

The launch of the Benelli 902S underscores how seriously Chinese brands are now taking the global motorcycle market. Companies like Benelli, QJ Motor, and Loncin are focusing not just on affordability but also on performance and technology. Thanks to their large-scale production capabilities, they can offer high-quality bikes at competitive prices, making them an attractive option for riders in the Philippines.

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