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WATCH: The luckiest motorcycle rider on Earth. So far.

One reason why you should have an action camera running while riding.

One reason why you should have an action camera running while riding.

Remember that scene from the Fast and the Furious where a Honda Civic narrowly passes underneath an 18-wheeler’s trailer with barely a scratch? Hollywood coordination and expert drivers make it look like pulling off such a stunt is easy, despite the dangers of getting crushed, run over, or other expensive terms that insurance companies don’t like reading.

In the real world, however, things never go according to plan, especially when you crash your motorcycle from what seems to be the result of the “death wobble” or “tank slapper”. A tank slapper is aptly named for when the handlebars of your motorcycle turn to full lock in either direction quickly, as the front tire is trying to regain straight, forward movement. In most cases, you’re along for the ride until the front wheel straightens out, or you crash.

Such was the case with Hammy Moto’s video that he posted on YouTube. Riding his Kawasaki Z1000 on a freeway in Southern California, what we can see from the minute long recording is the result of a “tank slapper” and an extremely high level of luck.

All things considered, he should join the lottery as soon as possible. Thankfully, he was fine, save for a bit of road rash, and his gear helped him out immensely. That’s why you wear your gear, boys and girls. Oh and invest in riding pants and boots, as well. The motorcycle, on the other hand...

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