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TVS goes green with their new iQube electric scooter

TVS wants the urban youth to go green.

TVS iQube

TVS Motor Company, one of the leading motorcycle brands in India, who also have recently acquired Norton Motorcycles, saving them from bankruptcy, has also made the move to go green with its new electric scooter, the TVS iQube. The new electric scooter is aimed to encourage its riders to go for a greener option for a more sustainable future. 

TVS iQube Front Left
TVS iQube Back Right

The iQube is all about connectivity with its TVS SmartXonnect feature. It allows users to seamless connectivity with mobile devices without having to stop just to check on their smartphones. The scooter’s TFT Display connects to their mobile devices through the TVS iQube mobile application allowing them to access all important information from their phones such as SMS, and calls, all displayed on the scooter’s dashboard. At the same time, all other important information such as the remote battery charge status and the last-park-assist function can be accessed remotely via the app allowing the owner to remotely keep track of their electric scooter.

The iQube is powered by a 4.4 kW motor that’s capable of reaching top speeds of 78 km/h and a range of 75 km all on a single charge with minimal transmission loss making it ideal for urban use. While electric motors are known for their instant torque and acceleration, the iQube has been tuned for user comfort which mitigates is power delivery for a 0 to 40 km acceleration in 4.2 seconds. It also features two switchable riding modes, economy, and power while its regenerative braking feature helps maximize its range, especially in long descents. An all-LED headlamp and tail lamp do the illuminating duties for maximum visibility. The TVS iQube is currently being sold in India for ₹ 1.15 lakh or around P76,000. Its biggest competitor is the Bajaj Chetak which is sold at a little bit more affordable price. 

While TVS motorcycles have already been available in the Philippine market, we have yet to see bigger motorcycle brands introduce their electric motorcycle variants. Perhaps the gaps for their proper regulation is what keeps the bigger brands from introducing them into the market. 

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