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Triumph’s Trident 660 is selling well worldwide

Having sold over 12,500 units, the Trident is Triumph’s biggest… uh triumph in the past year.

Triumph Trident 660 Riding

Even in the local scene, it’s become pretty easy to spot a Trident on the road. The Philippine market received the Triumph Trident 660 extremely well. The warm reception of the motorcycle was brought about by its very approachable specifications as well as its Japanese bike-rivaling price tag of just P499,000. 

We’re no stranger to the Trident, and it is an exceptionally well-built machine as with all Triumph motorcycles anyway. The model has some of the best tech and safety features that money can buy in its segment. Other bikes may try to come close but at the cost of a heftier price tag. 

It’s a great deal and the rest of the world thinks so too. The 660cc inline triple engine is very approachable for many riders making it the perfect entry point into the Triumph brand for customers looking for a capable and stylish naked bike. According to an interview with Visordown following the launch of the Tiger Sport 660, a bike that looks like it’s based on the same platform as the Trident, the brand has been blown away by the positive feedback and resultant sales of the Trident series. 

Triumph Trident 660 Tank
“A lot of work went into developing a bike to go into a new category, not just a model but the planning as well, so to see the Trident hit the market 12 months ago and globally to ship more than 12,500 is phenomenal. Better still, the feedback from the customers, dealers, and media has been incredibly strong and what we are hoping to see from the Tiger Sport is a similar reception.”
Triumph Trident 660 Philippines

Many models have dropped since the Trident 660 did less than a year ago. With 12,500 units worldwide, it seems that the British brand is going strong with its middleweight offering. 

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