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Feast your eyes on the undisguised Triumph Tiger Sport 660

This Tiger cub is finally showing its true colors.

Feast your eyes on the undisguised Triumph Tiger Sport 660

In August, 2021, Triumph dropped a bombshell when it released teasers of the upcoming Tiger Sport 660; a sport-tourer based on the extremely popular Trident 660 neo-retro naked roadster. Back then, all we got to see was a heavily camouflaged bike that clearly shared a few components with the Trident. For starters, it was clear to see that the Tiger Sport 660 shared the same wheels, suspension, and frame as the Trident. Other than that, however, very few details were revealed, if at all.

Fast forward to October, 2021, Triumph has revealed the Tiger Sport 660 in all its undisguised glory, and boy does it look good. As expected, the Tiger Sport 660 is, for all intents and purposes, a road-going Tiger that’s more sport-touring than it is adventure. It gets aggressive, angular styling complete with a full-fairing, tall windscreen, and full LED lights. Just like the Trident, it comes equipped with a respectable amount of tech, making it a rather suitable beginner to intermediate big bike. It sits just a tiny bit taller than the Trident at 33 inches, but it does come with a very narrow standover, making it approachable even for height-challenged riders. 

Triumph Tiger Sport 660

Unsurprisingly, the Tiger Sport 660 has gained some weight as opposed to its naked sibling. Tipping the scales at 206 kilograms, this bike is by no means a featherweight, and its heft will surely make its presence felt in tight, urban environments. However, the added stability afforded by the bike’s added mass will surely be welcome on long highway stints. Creature comforts consist of a one-hand-adjustable windscreen, which means you can raise or lower it while on the move. Additionally, a full-color TFT display serves as your instrument cluster, as well as a control panel for the bikes electronic features. The Tiger Sport gets two riding modes, as well as traction control which can easily be switched off with the flick of a switch. 

As far as performance is concerned, the Tiger Sport gets the Daytona-derived 660cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected triple we find in the Trident. With 80 horsepower on tap, this bike is sure to be capable of providing an exhilarating ride, be it on city streets, the open road, or the highway. We certainly can’t wait for Triumph Philippines to bring this sporty tourer into the local market. Surely, if priced right, this bike just might steal the crown from the Kawasaki Versys 650 when it comes to the middleweight adventure and sport-touring segment. 

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