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The Triumph Trident moves forward in its final testing stages

The British motorcycle brand’s new entry-level roadster is coming in 2021.

Triumph Trident

In August of 2020, Triumph took us by surprise when they introduced us to a prototype of its upcoming Trident naked motorcycle. The British motorcycle manufacturer was looking to shake up the middleweight naked ‘entry-level’ segment by displaying the bike in the London Design Museum painted in white and showcased like a marble sculpture. This came out a little over a year after a trademark surfaced revealing a revival of the historical namesake that Triumph and BSA used for a technically advanced, and high-performance roadster more than 1968 to 1975. After 45 years, the Trident namesake makes a comeback and is now moving towards its final testing stages. We can expect the new Triumph Trident to be introduced globally by the spring of 2021.

Triumph Trident

At the moment, Triumph was pleased to announce that the bike is now in its final stages of testing with new photographs of its upcoming roadster that has been released being tested on the track. This time, the photos reveal the bike clad in its signature Triumph logo camouflage, but still revealing a few additional clues about the bike for us to scrutinize. The engine was still in full display confirming its use of Triumphs famous inline triple similar to those seen on the Street Triple. Yet, its official displacement and performance specifications are still shrouded in mystery at the moment. 

Triumph Trident
Triumph Trident

You can still see its round, digital instrument cluster, and T-branded classic headlight and taillight. It also comes equipped with a set of Nissin brake hardware with two discs at the front with dual-piston calipers, and a single disc for the rear with standard ABS. A Showa upside-down fork keeps the front end aloft with Michelin Road 5 tires on its black painted cast wheels together with a  monoshock setup for the rear.

While Triumph still positions this new roadster as an affordable ‘entry-level’ roadster, one thing they did is not scrimp out on any of its parts and components. What affordability means to a few people might not be the same for others. Yet, until they officially release the new Trident in 2021, a lot of changes can still be made on its final version. That being said, we still have high hopes that the final product would just be as magnificent as the photos they first presented. We can expect the British motorcycle brand to reveal more details about its upcoming debut in the next coming weeks.

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