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Take a look at HJC’s all-new range of RPHA helmets

The new generation RPHA lids are better than ever before.

Take a look at HJC’s all-new range of RPHA helmets

With good cause, HJC is one of the most well-known helmet producers in the world. It maintains its basic lineup's safety and comfort characteristics on pace with the rest of the industry while offering some of the finest value in helmets. The RPHA line of helmets will surely be the finest choice for those of you searching for the best that HJC has to offer in the interim.

The HJC RPHA series has been protecting the heads of both road riders and the best racers in the world for a number of years. Now, HJC has expanded the RPHA brand by launching an entirely new collection of high-end, performance-focused helmets. Given that the RPHA 1 race helmet, the company's flagship model, is already on the market, it is easy to understand why HJC opted to update the remainder of the RPHA series as well. Let's examine more closely, shall we?



The RPHA series from HJC is mostly known for its performance, therefore it's intriguing to see that the company has created an urban open-face lid for the RPHA range. The RPHA 31 decreases wind turbulence and noise levels similarly to its full-face siblings since it was developed via extensive wind tunnel testing for a quieter, more aerodynamic ride. The RPHA 31 offers greater shock resistance and the best possible protection thanks to its Premium Integrated Matrix (PIM) Evo shell and multi-density EPS. The RPHA 31 will also function with the second generation of SMART HJC Bluetooth communication technologies, making it the ideal commuter helmet for journeys within and around cities. Retail price is 429.90 Euros, or approximately P24,300.



The RPHA 91, a brand-new modular touring helmet from HJC, was made with all-day comfort in mind. In order to boost shock resistance while maintaining its lightweight nature, the new Premium Integrated Matrix EVO shell employs carbon-aramid, carbon fiber, glass fiber, organic non-woven fabric, and linen fiber as reinforcing materials. The rider has a crisper and broader peripheral vision thanks to the brand-new, distortion-free HJ-37 face shield and HJ-V17 sun screen.

As is a typical complaint with modular lids, the chin bar locking mechanism has been designed with a concealed closing mechanism that permits smooth contact and removes strain on your cheeks. The low-noise inside of the RPHA 91 was 3D-engineered to greatly reduce road noise and maximize comfort for extended periods of time in the saddle. Additionally, motorcyclists who wear glasses will find the EPS design convenient. The new RPHA 91 has a 549.90 Euro starting price, which is equivalent to around P31,000.



The second-generation premium sport-touring model from HJC is the RPHA 71. It delivers outstanding performance in a compact, lightweight package and is designed for every ride, from city commutes to cross-country journeys. The new helmet has a multi-density EPS lining and HJC's Premium Integrated Matrix (PIM) Evo shell. Together, these characteristics offer the highest level of protection and improved shock resistance.

The RPHA 71 is a sporty and comfortable helmet because it was created as a sport-touring helmet. The RPHA 71 builds on the strengths of its well-liked predecessor, the RPHA 70, while also improving the rider's experience as a whole. The RPHA 71 will also be compatible with the second generation of SMART HJC Bluetooth communication devices, allowing users to stay connected and focus on the road ahead. The newest touring lid from HJC has a starting price of 479.90 Euros, or approximately P27,000.

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