2024 Peugeot Motocycles XP400 P555,900

Peugeot Motocycles XP400 Overview

Peugeot has once again impressed with the introduction of their latest model, the XP400. This exciting addition to the adventure scooter category marks Peugeot Motocycles' foray into this rapidly growing market. Adventure scooters are gaining popularity among riders seeking the convenience of a scooter combined with off-road capabilities and rugged aesthetics. The XP400 has been purposefully crafted with adventure riding in mind, incorporating a host of advanced features ideal for off-road exploration.

Under the hood, it boasts a potent 400cc engine, delivering ample power and torque for conquering challenging terrains effortlessly. Its robust and adventure-inspired design blends style with practicality. Notably, the XP400 stands out with its long-travel suspension, ensuring a smooth and stable ride even on the most uneven surfaces. Large wheels and tires provide exceptional traction and grip, simplifying navigation through various terrains and obstacles.

Beyond its off-road prowess, the XP400 offers a range of user-friendly features, including a digital dashboard, LED lighting, and a spacious storage compartment. These additions make it a versatile and practical choice for riders who yearn to explore the outdoors without compromising on scooter convenience. In the Philippines, the Peugeot XP400 recently made its debut at the Makina Moto Show 2023, boasting an enticing price tag of P555,900.

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