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Bentley and Ducati have just launched a limited-edition Diavel V4

The new Ducati Diavel for Bentley honors the upcoming Bentley Batur grand tourer.

Bentley and Ducati have just launched a limited-edition Diavel V4

Bentley and Ducati have just joined forces on an ultra-limited edition range of Ducati Diavels. It seems like a cross between two completely different worlds, as these two companies are indeed very, very different with Bentley being synonymous with opulence, and Ducati, the epitome of performance. However, in their collaboration, they've birthed a masterpiece: the Ducati Diavel for Bentley.

Ducati Diavel For Bentley

This collaboration melds Bentley's refined craftsmanship with Ducati's technological prowess. The Diavel, Ducati's V4 powerhouse, redefined for performance-oriented cruising, now wears a distinguished dark green motif with silver machined accents, exuding a classy demeanor.

Inspired by Bentley's extravagant 2024 Batur, renowned for its grand-touring finesse and monstrous 740 horsepower W-12 engine, the Diavel embraces this elegance. With a 1,158cc V4 engine churning out 168 horsepower, it's a cruiser boasting more power than convention allows. Stylishly designed by Centro Stile Ducati and Bentley, this limited edition bears scarab green paintwork from Bentley Mulliner, complemented by red accents, forged wheels in dart satin titanium, and the iconic Bentley logo adorning its black Alcantara saddle, mirroring Bentley's lavish interiors.

That said, exclusivity extends beyond design; each of the 500 units includes a certificate of authenticity, personalized wooden case, passenger saddle, and a matching motorcycle cover. The owner proudly displays a unique production number plate, making it an unparalleled collector's piece. For aficionados seeking more, the $90,000 USD (around P4,950,000) Ducati Diavel for Bentley Mulliner, limited to just 50 units, offers an even closer affinity to the Batur.

Ducati Diavel For Bentley

For $70,000 USD (around P3,850,000), enthusiasts can secure their slice of automotive artistry through Ducati dealers. Moreover, a capsule collection of matching accessories—jet helmet and jacket—adds an extra touch of sophistication to this exclusive offering. With that being said, don’t expect this ultra-rare special-edition machine to ever find its way on Philippine roads. 

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