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Suzuki files a patent for a new parallel-twin engine

Will the next-gen SV650 get this new engine?

Suzuki parallel twin patent

The Suzuki SV650, the brand’s little naked with a plucky V-twin engine and more than capable chassis, has remained as a staple in its lineup for quite some time now. Towards its latter years though, it started losing ground against its competitors when Yamaha stole the limelight with its innovative CP2 engine seen on the MT-07. Unfortunately, the SV650 could be heading towards the end of its production as more people started turning their heads into the competition. This could only mean one thing for Suzuki — an engine update should be in order. 

Suzuki Parallel-Twin Engine Patent

Suzuki has filed some patent applications for a mid-sized parallel-twin engine that could pretty much force out the SV650’s V-twin. The new engine seen on the patents looks very similar to the unit seen on one of its concept bikes, the Recursion, which Suzuki unveiled in 2013. However, while the Recursion’s engine had a turbocharger and intercooler, the new patents will only be naturally aspirated. Codenamed the EX7, the engine is hinting at a displacement within the 700 cc range. 

The brand has yet to release its official performance figures of the new engine. It is expected to be at par with other middleweights with a similar powertrain like the Yamaha MT-07 and the Kawasaki Z650. It could churn up power somewhere around 60 to 75 hp range with about 70 to 80 Nm of torque. 

As to what bike this new engine would be used for, like what other manufacturers have been doing, multiple models could share the same engine and other components. In other words, it could be powering everything from naked bikes, sportbikes, and adventure tourers. Who knows, perhaps the next-generation SV650 will be seen with a brand new parallel-twin to replace its V-twin configuration. At this moment, since all we have are patent illustrations, we can only speculate so much what Suzuki’s next move will be. 

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