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Start them young with the new Honda CRF125F

An off-road-only dirt bike meant for the young ones.

Start them young with the new Honda CRF125F

A good number of us motorcycle enthusiasts started our two-wheeled journeys off-road aboard a kids-specific dirt bike or pit bike. As kids, the power delivered by a good old 50cc two-stroke machine, or a rudimentary 125cc four-stroke motor delivered the rush that a 650cc big bike would deliver to us adults. Indeed, those were some really good times filled with thrills, spills, and loads of laughs. Now that a lot of us are at the age in which we have our own kids, some of you may be considering introducing your own young ones to the lovely sport of motorcycling. 

Enter the Honda CRF125F. Honda has long been about focusing on the grassroots level of motorsports, alongside the high-performance sector. With an expansive number of bikes in its CRF model range, one could very well start their off-road career aboard a CRF125F and make his or her way up to the bigger bikes before ultimately honing their skills to the level at which a CRF450R would be the optimum machine for them. The CRF125, in that case, undoubtedly serves as the perfect entry-level machine for those looking to get their youngsters into competitive enduro or motocross racing. 

2022 Honda CRF125F

Honda’s 2022 CRF125F packs a beginner-friendly punch thanks to a 124.9cc air-cooled, single-cylinder motor. It brags of classic Honda reliability thanks to precision engineering and modern-day tech features such as electronic fuel-injection and a two-valve cylinder head. As far as underpinnings are concerned, the CRF125F features a steel frame and swingarm which offers sturdy construction and compliant handling. The bike’s chassis has been designed to be similar with the bigger, more performance-oriented CRF models’, too, offering youngsters a premium off-road riding experience.

For bigger kids, or young adults looking to venture into the enjoyable world of off-road, a big-wheel version of the CRF125F is also available. This bike is mechanically identical with the standard CRF125F, save for a larger set of wheels shod in knobby, off-road tires. It’s very important to note that the CRF125F is not street-legal, as it doesn’t come with a headlight, taillight, turn signals, or rear-view mirrors. As such, it can’t be registered, and is strictly an off-road-only vehicle. It’s priced at the equivalent of P166,000, making it quite the expensive toy. 

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