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Royal Enfield confirm the Himalayan 650 according to reports

The rumor mill churned, now Enfield has confirmed!

Royal Enfield Himalayan 411 New Colors

Every Royal Enfield fan will know that the Himalayan makes a great off-road adventure bike. It’s one big thumper with 411ccs worth of displacement, beats with the passion of a tractor in heat, pumping away with enough torque to paddle your way out of the mud. 

That’s been the formula that Royal Enfield has stuck to for years, to much success. The Himalayan makes for a great motorcycle to take off the beaten path, but the lack of an extra cylinder or displacement makes the bike a little tasking to take on open highways. Does 24 horsepower sound exciting to you? It doesn’t really stir the soul that much, right? Neither does it translate on the highway, which a lot of adventurers find problematic. 

As such, Royal Enfield has heard all the complaints and has finally confirmed the development of a 650-class adventure tourer. That’s just it, however, it’s going to be more of a tourer than an adventurer. Instead of a rugged bike, the 650 version of the Himalayan will be more of a road goer, but RE is also working on two variants of the bike, with a more off-road version and a more street-going version. In fact, it might be named something else once it hits the market. 

However, don’t expect these bikes to see the light of day sometime soon, Bike Wale claims that the model’s release date is expected sometime in 2024. They also state that the model was in development 18-months prior, but was green-lit due to the interest expressed by many riders and the boom of the adventure segment in recent years. 

We expect that this bike will go toe-to-toe with other middleweights in the market, but with a more retro appeal. There are a few more bikes that we can come to expect from RE, namely a larger Meteor which will debut in EICMA this November. 

It seems that Enfield will be fielding bigger displacement motorcycles in the coming months to years with 650 being the new hot ticket displacement that’ll likely bring more customers into the fray. As it stands, the Himalayan, the Continental GT, and the Interceptor are the only three models in the current lineup that are expressway legal and available in the Philippines. 

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