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Roberto Marchesini, a leading motorcycle wheel designer passes away

He leaves a legacy in the modern design of motorcycle alloy wheels.

Ducati Hypermotard 950 RVE

The motorcycle world mourns the passing of Roberto Marchesini, founder of Marchesini Wheels and renowned motorcycle wheel designer and fabricator. Roberto Marchesini may not be known as a racer or team manager to racing fans, however, he was considered a legend among racers, technicians, and team managers as a pioneer of cast magnesium motorcycle wheels who dedicated much of his career to developing and improving its constant evolution to even higher levels of efficiency and safety.

Roberto Marchesini

Marchesini started his career in designing wheels for Capagnolo in Italy. In 1988, he eventually took over a small light-alloys foundry and formed his own company, Marchesini Wheels. The company worked extensively with magnesium and alloy progressively evolving the cast magnesium wheels to a higher stage of technology of lighter and stronger forged magnesium wheels. At the same time, as a practical man, he also adapted technological innovations achieved to create forged aluminum wheels more affordable allowing him to reach a wider audience.  Eventually, the company moved on to designing and fabricating carbon fiber wheels for MotoGP teams. 

Besides making strides in creating strong and light wheels, Marchesini’s designs were also considered works of art. His creations were often sold as optional extras for the most sought-after limited-edition models such as the Ducati Superleggera V4 and the Hypermotard 950 RVE. Marchesini worked with enormous creativity and dedication to his craft, and yet remained very approachable to many people. Many riders shared that he was very active on Facebook and was always eager to share advice and answer questions of most of his fans online. 

Marchesini Wheels was eventually acquired by another Italian giant and brake manufacturer, Brembo. This allowed Marchesini to start an independent activity totally dedicated to the development of ultra-refined wheels, but this time, for his own personal pleasure. His forged magnesium creations are still regarded as among the best in the industry which can still take up the challenge of being pitted against carbon wheels for both track and road use. 

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