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The QJ Motor 600 RR brings hope for a four-cylinder Benelli SuperSport revival

Is this the Benelli SuperSport’s future cousin?

QJ Motor 600RR

QJ Motors, the parent company behind brands like Benelli, and the Chinese partner of MV Agusta and Harley-Davidson, has just announced that it will be making and releasing a sportbike with a four-cylinder engine, similar to that of the Benelli TNT 600. 

It will be called the QJ Motor 600RR, and it’s got a Benelli TNT 600i frame, sports four cylinders, and a displacement of 600cc. The new 600RR has a full fairing along with winglets on its side, thus adhering to the current trend of flashy wings on motorcycles. The QJ Motor 600RR will also get a new exhaust system, which indicates that QJ has done some work to the engine. It is likely that these enhancements are more for emissions standards, but it won’t come as a surprise of the 600cc motor in the QJ gets a little power boost over Benelli’s 600cc mill—which is technically a QJ Motor engine anyway. In the past, Benelli has stated that the engine would get a displacement boost, which would bring its total capacity up to 650cc, but that remains to be seen. 

The bike itself bears a strong resemblance to the CFMOTO 300 SR, another sportbike from another Chinese manufacturer that boasts very forward and fluid styling. Even the feature-set on the 600RR seems to take a page out of CFMOTO’s book, with a 5-inch TFT display, name-brand brakes, and suspension. However, QJ put in a little more effort and tapped Brembo for the brakes and Marzocchi for the suspension. Surprisingly, the bike will come with a keyless entry system. Love it or hate it, it’s interesting to see such a feature implemented on a bike like this at this price point and in its category. 

While QJ Motor isn’t a brand that you can buy in the Philippines, Benelli has a presence on the archipelago and this motorcycle could herald the return of the Benelli 600 SuperSport, a fully-faired sportbike that can rival the likes of Honda’s CBR600RR, but at a fraction of the price. However, there is no word yet from Benelli that a new 600cc sportbike is in the works. Could they be taking their time rebadging? 

That being said, the QJ Motor 600RR is still expected to be launched. There is no word yet on its unveiling, but we expect it to be sometime in the first half of the year. Following that, it is somewhat likely that a Benelli-branded counterpart will be fielded to the market, but that remains to be seen. 

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