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Ohlins Introduces new shocks for Kawasaki Ninja 400 and 250

Sleek Ninja upgrades courtesy of Ohlins.

Kawasaki Ninja 400

Owners of Kawasaki Ninja 400’s and 250s now have a chance to upgrade their rear shocks to performance spec Ohlins suspension systems. The new product offering, the STX 36 will instantly give your Ninja an instant upgrade both in performance and looks thanks to its iconic anodized gold reservoir with bright yellow suspension spring combination. 

Ohlins STX 36 Rear Shocks

The Ohlins STX 36’s monotube high-pressure gas-type shock design with its external “piggyback” reservoir will give the Ninja 400 or 250 new levels of stability, precision, and safety. One of its main features is its internal temperature compensation system which automatically adjusts its performance to compensate for changes caused by rising temperatures. This would result in a more stable shock absorber no matter how hard you ride or how hot the bike gets. 

The Ninja 250 and 400 are leaders in the supersport category and we’re excited to offer our latest technologies for these bikes to further enhance the riding experience. Whether riders are out for speed, comfort, or maneuverability, these innovative products will help give them what they’re looking for” added Bräster.

If you feel like splurging even more on your Ninja, Ohlins also offers the FSK™ 133 fork spring kit. This would also provide improved grip, stability, smoother handling, better cornering, and braking. The top cap would also allow the riders to adjust the fork’s preload according to their preference.

Kawasaki’s sportbike offerings with their Ninja lineup has been seeing a lot of success in the Philippines especially with the smaller iterations such as the Ninja 400 and 250. They’re more than capable sportbikes and are even light and nimble enough for daily use. With premium suspension upgrades from Ohlins, even their naked counterparts such as the Z400 and Z250SL could also benefit from these suspension systems giving them improved performance even for an already capable motorcycle. 

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