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Öhlins rolls out suspension upgrades for the Vespa GTS 300

Improve the comfort and handling of your Vespa.

Vespa GTS 300 Öhlins

The Vespa GTS 300, the iconic Italian scooter manufacturer’s most high end scooter, can now be upgraded with Öhlins suspension components which are designed to improve handling and comfort. The Swedish suspension specialists have rolled out a set of premium suspension parts for the Vespa GTS 300 which are both functional and serve as tasteful aesthetic enhancements. Geared towards elevating the experience of riding the Vespa GTS 300, Öhlins has developed this street-oriented suspension package specifically for this scooter. 

Öhlins has sought out to improve comfort while giving the Vespa GTS 300 a more engaging handling dynamic. The company is positioning this upgrade as an ergonomic enhancement which is meant to make the rider feel agile, yet confident. Likewise, the modification will also increase comfort and stability, making this 300cc scooter even safer and more fun to ride. Consisting of twin rear shocks and a single front unit, the new Öhlins suspension upgrade for the Vespa GTS 300 is now available across the Asian market. Locally, Vespas have gained massive affinity thanks to their charm and iconic status. Oftentimes seen as status symbols, as opposed to utilitarian machines, the Vespa-centric culture in the Philippines runs pretty deep, with lots of clubs and organizations centering on Vespa scooters.   

Öhlins Suspension for Vespa GTS 300

Performance aside, the quality fit and finish of the suspension upgrade enhances the overall aesthetic of the scooter. With Öhlins' iconic yellow springs and gold piggyback reservoirs front and center, the upgrade gives this high end scooter a subtle aesthetic boost, highlighting the scooter's sporty nature. Both front and rear suspension components are equipped with adjustable preload. A more sophisticated dampening control system as opposed to the stock units is also integrated into this upgrade.   

“We’ve always been a Vespa fan and admire how the brand occupies a premium segment within the scooter market. Öhlins is a high-performance company, but we often redefine the meaning of ‘performance’. For example, applying our high-end technology to a scooter enhances the supremely-important ‘feel’ factor, thereby improving the rider’s overall road experience, while raising his or her level of confidence.”

As is the case with all Öhlins suspension components, the Vespa GTS 300 upgrade kit comes complete with a two-year warranty. This is all in line with the Swedish company’s engineering prowess, and promise to deliver the best performing suspension systems in the world. The Vespa GTS 300 Öhlins suspension upgrade is now available throughout the Öhlins network in Asia.

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